Elkin Knight & Co
Elkin Knight & Elkin


Location and period of operation:

Elkin Knight & Co
Elkin Knight & Elkin





Earthenware manufacturers at The Foley Potteries, Foley, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, England

  • The partners were John King Knight and his brothers-in-law George and Thomas Elkin. The business had a number of name changes as partners retired and others joined until in 1856 whenthe business at the Foley Potteries changed hands from the original Elkin and Knight familes to Wileman.

  • They were producers of blue & white 'views' ware. 

  • In 1827 John Bridgwood jointed the business which became Elkin, Knight & Bridgwood

Subsequently: Elkin, Knight & Bridgwood




blue transferware plate - 'Near Newark' 

In the collection of: Attingham Park, Shropshire

Near Newark 

one of the 'Rock Cartouche Series' 
produced by Elkin Knight & Co



large blue transferware plate - 'Lancaster' 

the view shows the castle and Priory Church of 
St. Mary in the English city of Lancaster 

Elkin Knight & Co 



'Rock Cartouche' mark



photos courtesy:  Antonio Sabater


Rock Cartouche Series

Rock Cartouche is a term typically for a mark in the form of a rock surrounded by plants. It was used by a number of potters.

Elkin, Knight & Co used this style of mark containing the names of a series of 'views'. 

Known views are:

  • Byland Abbey, Yorkshire

  • Craig Castle

  • Guy's Cliffe

  • Jedbergh Abbey

  • Lancaster

  • Nant Mill

  • Near Newark

  • Sweetheart Abbey

courtesy: Dictionary of Blue & White Printed Pottery 1780-1880. Coysh & Henrywood.


pattern name in a printed Rock Cartouche and an 
impressed 'Elkin, Knight & Co' with a crown above




Marks and initials used on ware for identification:

Marking of the ware of Elkin, Knight & Co is often haphazard. 

Sometimes identical pattern ware will be marked with just the pattern name or both the pattern name and makers mark and some without any mark at all.


E K & Co

Elkin Knight & Co




impressed mark with crown above

impressed mark 'Elkin, Knight & Co' with crown above
printed mark incorporating the Royal Arms



Improved Stone China
Elkin, Knight & Co

printed & impressed mark on Willow pattern platter 



impressed American eagle mark

This mark was sometimes used - it features an eagle holding a branch in one claw and arrows in the other, it is taken from the United States Coat of Arms - such marks were used by some English potters to try to appeal to the American market.

It was used by the various partnerships from Elkin, Knight & Co through to J F Wileman.



Elkin, Knight & Co
Canton Views

Overlap in the various partnerships can be seen by ware which has an impressed mark 'Elkin, Knight & Co' together with printed marks incorporating the initials E.K.B. for the subsequent partnership of Elkin, Knight & Bridgwood




1879 map showing the Foley Potteries

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