Elkin, Knight & Bridgwood
Elkins & Co


Location and period of operation:

Elkin, Knight & Bridgwood  
Elkins & Co

Lane End



 Earthenware manufacturers at The Foley Potteries, Foley, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent

  • The works were built in 1827 by John Smith of Fenton Hall, "the first firm by whom they were worked being Elkin, Knight & Bridgwood, who made the better class of 'Willow Pattern' and other blue printed services" 
    Jewitt Ceramic Art of Great Britain

  • The partners were John King Knight and his brothers-in-law George Elkin andThomas Elkin together with John Bridgwood

  • Their business was recorded as 'Manufacturers of Earthenware, Dealers in China, Flint and Colour Grinders and farmers.

  • 1829 - in his book "History of the Staffordshire Potteries" Simeon Shaw writes "The Foley has only a few houses and three Manufactories in it. The Manufactory of Messrs. Elkin, Knight and Bridgwood, is a new and very complete establishment; having in addition to the customary buildings a powerful Steam Engine and Flint Mill".

  • In November 1833 Thomas Elkin retired from the business.

  • In 1840 John Bridgwood retires and the business continued as Knight & Elkin. 


Formerly: Elkin, Knight & Co

Subsequently: Knight & Elkin


London Gazette
14 November 1833

notice of the dissolution of the partnership between George Elkin,
John King Knight, Thomas Elkin and John Bridgwood

Thomas Elkin retired and the other partners continued 


Parliamentary Papers, Volume 20
11 May 1837

John King Knight was called to testify at the Select Committee investigation 
in Fourdrinier's application to extend his Patent for paper production  

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blue transferware plate in the Irish Scenery pattern


Irish Scenery

Irish Scenery
Elkins & Co

the style Elkins & Co would appear to relate to Elkin, Knight & Bridgwood
but this firm used a variety of partnership styles and marking



blue transferware dish in the Canton Views pattern


Elkin Knight & Co

Canton Views

the firm used a variety of partnership styles and marking
and the name of the earlier partnership of Elkin, Knight & Co
appears with the initials E K B - Elkin, Knight and Bridgwood



blue transferware plate in the Chinese Fountains pattern


Chinese Fountains


photo courtesy: Ronda Hills  

blue transferware tureen in the Etruscan pattern




"This pattern title was used by a number of potters including Elkin, Knight & Bridgwood of Staffordshire..

The Elkin partnership used the name for a series title on light blue prints with groups of classical figures within a border of acanthus scrolls. 

In the early years of the 19th century Etruscan became a magic word. The Etruscans were a highly developed people who lived in the area known as Etruria...."

Dictionary of Blue and White Printed Pottery 1780-1880, A.W. Coysh; R.K. Henrywood.


Wikipedia article on the Etruscans



black transferware bowl in the Archery pattern


E K B 



Initials & Marks used on ware for identification:

NOTE: this firm used a variety of partnership styles and marking


Elkin, Knight & Co

Elkins & Co


1879 maps showing the Foley Potteries

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