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Shaw's - History of the Staffordshire Potteries 


This is a transcription of the 'History of the Staffordshire Potteries', published in 1829 by Simeon Shaw. 
On each page headings have been added to the text to improve reading on screen. 

Simeon Aykroyd Shaw

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Chapter 1 Preliminary remarks
Chapter 2 The Potteries, comprising TUNSTALL, Brownhills, Greenfield and New Field, Golden Hill, Latebrook, Green Lane. 
Chapter 2 BURSLEM, Longport and Dale Hall, Hot Lane and Cobridge.
Chapter 2 HANLEY and SHELTON, Etruria.
Chapter 2 STOKE, Penkhull, Fenton, Lane Delph, Foley.
Chapter 2 LANE END
Chapter 3 On the Origin of the Art, and its Practice among the early Nations.
Chapter 4 Manufacture of Pottery, prior to 1700.
Chapter 5 The Introduction of Red Porcelain by Messrs. Elers, of Bradwell, 1690.
Chapter 6 Progress of the manufacture from 1700, to Mr. Wedgwood's commencement in 1760....
Chapter 6 ...continuation.... Progress of the manufacture from 1700, to Mr. Wedgwood's commencement in 1760.
Chapter 7 Introduction of Fluid Glaze....
Chapter 7 ...continuation... Extension of the Manufacture of Cream Colour. - Mr. Wedgwood's Queen's Ware. - Jasper, and Appointment of Potter to Her Majesty, - Black Printing. 
Chapter 8 Introduction of Porcelain. - Mr. W. Littler's Porcelain. - 
Mr. Cookworthy's Discovery of Kaolin and Petuntse, and Patent - Sold to Mr. Champion - resold to the New Hall Com -
Extension of Term. 
Chapter 9 Blue Printed Pottery. - Mr. Turner, Mr. Spode (1),
Mr. Baddeley, Mr. Spode (2), Mess. Turner, Mr. Wood,
Mr. Wilson, Mr. Minton. - Great Chane in Patterns of Blue Printed -
Chapter 10 Introduction of Lustre Pottery. - Improvements in Pottery and Porcelain subsequent to 1800.



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