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W Emberton & Co
William Emberton


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Emberton, Hancock & Co




W Emberton & Co




William Emberton





Earthenware manufacturer at the Highgate Works, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, England.
  • The works were purchased by William Emberton in July, 1846.

  • The original partners were: William Emberton of Lime Street, Tunstall; Redulphus Hancock of Liverpool Road, Burslem; Thomas Johnson of Brownhills, Burslem. (1846 Williams Directory)

  • Redulphus Hancock left the partnership in around 1849 and in 1850 he started a short lived business at the High Street Works, Burslem as R Hancock & Co

  • It appears that at some time Thomas Johnson left the partnership and William Emberton was in partnership with Thomas Emberton as William Emberton & Company. 

  • In March 1853 this partnership was dissolved and William continued on his own account. 

  • William died in July 1867, the business was continued by his sons Thomas Isaac Emberton and James Emberton - the business name was retained until 1869 when it became TI & J Emberton. 

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Subsequently: TI & J Emberton


Highgate Pottery 

"Established by George Hood, who purchased the land from Mr. Randle-Wilkinson in 1831, and built the manufactory. 

The works were purchased by Mr. William Emberton in July, 1846, and carried on by him until his death in 1867, since which time they have been carried on by his two sons, Thomas Isaac Emberton and James Emberton, the present [1878] owners. 

The goods manufactured are all the usual varieties of earthenware for the home markets, and the firm are also large producers of special goods for Ceylon, Calcutta, Bombay, and other Indian markets.

Llewellynn Jewitt, The ceramic art of Great Britain, 1878



London Gazette - 29 March 1853

notice of the dissolution of the partnership 
between William and Thomas Emberton



Examples of Whittaker marks which are confused with Emberton: 

The marks of Whittaker, Edge & Co and Whittaker & Co (W. E. & Co / W. & Co) are often incorrectly identified as those of Emberton partnerships. 

Emberton did not register any of their designs and so any mark with a registration diamond or registration number is not that of Emberton.

Emberton's factory was based in the town of Tunstall and so any marks with 'Hanley' are those of Whittaker and not Emberton.


W. E. & Co

the Alaska pattern is that of the Whittaker partnerships
and not of Emberton


W E & Co 

"ATLANTIC" is the pattern name the registration diamond shows that the pattern was registered on 4th October 1883 to Whittaker, Edge & Co

W E & Co 

"BERBER" is the pattern name
the registration number 15574 shows that the pattern was registered on the 21st October 1884 to Whittaker, Edge & Co

W & Co 

"NURSERY RHYMES" is the pattern name
the registration number 103739 shows that the pattern was registered on the 13th July 1888 to Whittaker & Co

these marks of those of Whitaker partnerships and not Emberton




Examples of ware and marks on Emberton Ware:

NOTE: It is probable that there are no Emberton marks with the initials W. E. & Co


platter in the Willow pattern

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Stone Ware
W. E.

William Emberton 




the Highgate Pottery in 1909 

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