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Benjamin E Godwin




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Formerly in partnership with Thomas Godwin.

Note: Another Benjamin Godwin was potting at Cobridge from about 1795 to 1811.


Samuel Scriven interviewed employees from Stoke-on-Trent pottery works for the Royal Commission on Childrenís Employment in 1841. Some of the evidence taken at Messrs Benjamin Godwins works ó is reproduced below.

Mr. BENJAMIN GODWINís Earthenware Factory, Cobridge.

 No. 202. Joseph Booth aged 9:

I turn jigger for Wm. Lowe ; I cannot read, I cannot write ; I never went to day- school ; I do go to Sunday-school and learn to read in spelling book ; have been to work two years; drove gin at Walsall one year ; Bessey Boother, my mother, balls at Blackbank ; have two brothers, two sisters ; one brother runs moulds ; I get 2s. 3d. a-week ; brother gets 1s. ; donít know what mother getsóoh, yes, I do, she gets between 10 and 11s:. I bring breakfast with me, it is stir pudding ; go home to dinner and get stir pudding, and stir pudding for supper; get home between eight and nine ; come at six. I got a jacket at home, and a shirt for Sundays ; no better trousers ; would sooner work 13 hours than 15 ; if I only worked Ďtill four oíclock I should get home, sit me down, and learn to say my catechism.

This Child was literally in rags.


No. 203. William Mumford, aged 12:

I brush ware and attend the dipper ; I cannot read or Ďwrite ; my father is an engine man, he works at pit ; his name is Maller, and so is my motherís ; her name was Mumford ; her does nothing ; I have gotten three sisters, no brothers ; they does nothing ; I get 4s. a-week ; the dip has never hurt me yet ; donít know how long I have been there ; donít know how many months there are in the year ; went to a school by day some time ; go to a Sunday-school now, and to church ; I go home at four or five ; I said I had but 4s. a week, master says I had 5:. ; I did not count it ; gave it to mother ; donít know how much it may have been; I arnít no scholar!


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