Hackwood & Co

Hackwood, Dimmock & Co.


Location and period of operation:

Hackwood & Co

Hackwood, Dimmock & Co



November 1827


Earthenware and Jasper ware manufacturers at Eastwood, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, England
  • Geoffrey Godden notes: "Contemporary advertisements and some directories list 'Hackwood, Dimmock & Co.' - a style not included in rate records. It is very probable that 'Hackwood & Co' and 'Hackwood, Dimmock & Co' were one and the same firm. Chaffers' mark handbook lists the mark 'Hackwood Dimmock & Co.' In some rate lists (1822 and 1825) this firm is listed as William Hackwood & Co." - Encyclopedia of British Pottery & Porcelain Marks.

  • Henrywood notes: "The first partner's name is listed as Ackwood in 1818 Pigot [directory]" Staffordshire Potters 1781-1900.

  • At the time of the dissolution of the partnership in November 1827 the partners were William Hackwood jun., Thomas Dimmock and James Keeling. 

  • After the dissolution of the partnership the business was continued by William Hackwood.

Subsequently: William Hackwood



Summary of the operations of the Hackwood family: 


Works location

operation date

Hackwood & Co
(also known as Hackwood, Dimmock & Co)

Eastwood, Hanley


William Hackwood

Eastwood, Hanley 


William Hackwood & Son

New Hall, Shelton


Thomas Hackwood

New Hall, Shelton




William Hackwood
"Potter of Hanley, 1774-1849"

courtesy: R. K. Henrywood 
Staffordshire Potters 1781-1900|

NOTE: This is not the same William Hackwood  
who was a modeller at Josiah Wedgwood's Etruria works


The London Gazette
4th September 1829

Notice of the dissolution of the partnership
of Hackwood, Dimmock & Co



typical Jasper ware style
Jasper ware pots 
Hackwood & Co



Jasper ware teapot with grape-vine relief 

Hackwood & Co



black basalt milk jug

Hackwood & Co


transfer ware plate in the Damascus pattern

A romantic scene with a prominent tent and figures with distant minarets. The border consists of smaller scenes within scroll frames separated by floral groups.

This pattern appears to be based on the Palestine pattern by William Adams & Sons

& Co



Marks and initials used on ware for identification:

There does not appear to be any ware marked with Hackwood, Dimmock & Co



H & CO


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