William Hackwood


Location and period of operation:

William Hackwood


November 1827 



Earthenware and Jasper ware manufacturers at Eastwood, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, England
  • William Hackwood had started a manufacturing partnership in 1807. In November 1827 this partnership was dissolved and William Hackwood continued on his own account.

  • In 1840 Hackwood's factory was one of 173 pottery works visited by Dr. Samuel Scriven to collect evidence to be presented to the House of Commons' Commissioners to aid their report into working conditions in English factories & mills. - read Scriven's interviews at Hackwood's factory.

  • John Ward noted that "William Hackwood occupies a pot-work in Hanley, near the Caldon Canal"; History of the Borough of Stoke-upon-Trent 1843   

Previously: Hackwood & Co

Subsequently: William Hackwood & Son


Summary of the operations of the Hackwood family: 


Works location

operation date

Hackwood & Co
(also known as Hackwood, Dimmock & Co)

Eastwood, Hanley


William Hackwood

Eastwood, Hanley 


William Hackwood & Son

New Hall, Shelton


Thomas Hackwood

New Hall, Shelton





William Hackwood
"Potter of Hanley, 1774-1849"

courtesy: R. K. Henrywood 
Staffordshire Potters 1781-1900|

NOTE: This is not the same William Hackwood  
who was a modeller at Josiah Wedgwood's Etruria works


The London Gazette
4th September 1829

Notice of the dissolution of the previous partnership
of Hackwood, Dimmock & Co

William Hackwood jnr continued on his own account 



reticulated platter in The Repast pattern

Arabian Sketches 
The Repast
W H 



platter in the Arabs Watering pattern

there are some twelve known scenes in the Arabian Sketches series, including...
Arabs Halting, Arabs Watering, Arab Family, Arabs, The Alarm, The March, The Repast and The Sentinel



transfer ware plate in the Arabs Halting pattern

A romantic scene with prominent figures on horseback with stylised buildings and trees in the background. "The central scenes appear within a border which features scenic vignettes separated by linked foliate-scroll floral cartouches, with an inner band of radiating leafy fronds"

See R. K Henrywood notes on the Arabian Sketches series

Arabian Sketches
 Arab's Halting






handleless cups with saucers in a light blue branches and leaves pattern



Hackwood miniature toy dinner service in the Institution pattern (monastery on the hill)

impressed mark HACKWOOD 

for scale - the plates are 3.5in (9cm) diameter




bowl in the Maritime pattern

W. H.
No. 37

- see R. K. Henrywood notes on numbered transferware patterns of the Hackwood firms

photos courtesy: Noel Fowles 



Marks and initials used on ware for identification:

"Since several of the above [Hackwood partnerships] may have used the surname 'HACKWOOD' or the initial H, it is not always easy tp attribute wares with certainty." Coysh & Henrywood.




W. H.




impressed mark


Ironstone China

"This printed mark occurs on wares with the impressed name 'Hackwood'"

c. 1830-40

Encyclopaedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks
Geoffrey Godden


Numbered transferware patterns

No 25 

shard from Nevis, West Indies

courtesy: Shoona Cook


No 26 

impressed: Hackwood 

courtesy: Dick Henrywood


No 37

for further information see R. K. Henrywood notes on numbered transferware patterns of the Hackwood firms



Arabian Sketches series


Arabian Sketches series printed marks with the initials W. H.


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