Hicks, Meigh & Johnson


Location and period of operation:

Hicks, Meigh & Johnson





China and earthenware manufacturers at the Broad Street Works, Shelton, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, England.

  • The partners were Job Meigh II, his brother-in-law Richard Hicks (who were in partnership as Hicks & Meigh from around 1807) and Thomas Johnson (their travelling representative) who became a partner around 1820 and the business was henceforth known as Hicks, Meigh and Johnson.

  • "Mr. Meigh... obtained, in 1823, the gold medal of the Society of Arts, for the introduction of a glaze for earthenware wholly free from the deleterious qualities of the common lead glaze"

  • In 1833 they were recorded as having 600 employees.

  • In April 1834 their manufactory was advertised for sale as the partners were retiring from the business. In November they gave a dinner for their workers. 

  • In 1835 the partnership was dissolved and the factory and its contents were put up for auction. It was purchased by Ridgway, Morley & Wear


Previously: Hicks & Meigh

Subsequently: Ridgway, Morley & Wear 


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tureen in the Chinese Landscapes pattern



tazza - marked 'Real Stone China'


Hicks, Meigh & Johnson tazza - combining earthenware base and glass bowl

the base has the pre-1837 Royal Arms

photo courtesy: Aurelia Kastaldi 



'Real Stone China' plate 

pattern: "rocks & birds" c.1830



Hicks, Meigh & Johnson green and pink transferware printed plate
pattern: "Birds & Flowers"



Marks & initials used on ware for identification:




H M & J

Stone China

Real Stone China

Real Ironstone China



Stone China 

Real Stone China

Real Stone China

Marks with the crown and Stone China or Real Stone China are often found with no manufacturers name or initials 



Stone China 

this mark was used by the earlier Hicks & Meigh 
the mark is likely to be used on ware pre-1830


Stone China 

Hicks, Meigh & Johnson's use of the Royal Arms as these examples show - often the printing was very unclear. 

These arms are pre-1837 as they have the centre shield of the house of Hanover. This was removed when Queen Victoria ascended to the throne. 


Royal Arms used by Hicks & Meigh 

The Royal Arms were also used by the earlier Hicks & Meigh - they can be distinguished as the Hicks & Meigh mark was more detailed than that used by Hicks, Meigh & Johnson.



Stone China 

Real Stone China

The printed Royal Arms mark and impressed 'REAL IRONSTONE CHINA' mark
appeared on the same plate. 


Chinese Landscapes is the name of the series of patterns



Birds & Flowers is the name of the series of patterns


PRIORY is the pattern name



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Ash Hall - Job Meigh II's retirement home 

After the sale of the business in 1835 Meigh 
purchased the Ash Estate where he built Ash Hall

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