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Jonathan Leak




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Jonathan Leak, was born in Burslem, Staffordshire, in 1777. 

After learning the pottery trade, possibly with Enoch Wood, in Burslem, Leak married Miss Mary Wood, niece of Enoch Wood at St. Johns Church in Burslem, on the 13th November 1798.

Around 1805 to 1810? Leak established a pottery works in Commercial Street, Burslem. (see map)

Working conditions were obviously hard, the following three advertisements appeared in the Staffordshire 'Advertiser' 

the first in October 1810: "Leak, Jonathan, Burslem, potworks to sell."

The second in April 1812: "Leak, Jonathan & George, Commercial St., Burslem,
auction potworks."

And the third in July 1814: "Leak, Jonathan, Commercial St., Burslem,
auction potworks."

The second advert mentions George, possibly a brother.

Leak and a friend and fellow potter, were caught after they broke into the home of Mrs. Chatterley, in Shelton, and stole a quantity of Silver. On the 11th March 1819, Leak was tried in the County of Stafford, and convicted of burglary and sentenced to hang. His death sentence was commuted
to transportation to Australia for life. He arrived on the 18th of December 1819, on board the brig 'Recovery.'

Pigot & Co's "The Commercial Directory" of 1818 lists Jonathan Leak of
Burslem making "Egyptian Black" from 1812-18.

a further 1818 directory lists in Burslem under Earthenware Manufacturers
'Leak Jonathan' - with an address of '20 Row'  - I can't find out where '20
Row' was - but there was a place called 'Rotten Row, High Street, Burslem'




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