T W Barlow 
T W Barlow & Son Ltd


Location and period of operation:

T W Barlow




T W Barlow & Son Ltd





Earthenware manufacturer at the Coronation Works, Commerce Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, England

Not to be confused with the unrelated company - Barlows (Longton) Ltd

  • Thomas Waterhouse Barlow was in partnership with William Cotton as earthenware manufacturers from 1850. In February 1857 the partnership was dissolved and Thomas W Barlow continued on his own.  

  • It is recorded that he produced earthenware 'in all the usual varieties for the Sounth American, African and Indian markets'  

  • In 1875 a Charles Barlow was recorded as being the 'Potters' Manager' at the works.

  • '& Son' was added to the title in 1882.   

  • In the 1920s the business was bought by Thomas C. Wild & Sons - it continued under its own name as a part of the Wild group of companies.  


Previously: Cotton & Barlow


The London Gazette
24th February 1857

Notice of the dissolution of the partnership between
 William Cotton and Thomas Waterhouse Barlow



Barlow, T. W. and Co.,
earth'ware manufacturers


from..... 1907 Staffordshire Sentinel 
'Business Reference Guide to The Potteries, Newcastle & District'


Dinner Set - marked  T W Barlow & Son Ltd 



Serving dish in the TOKIO pattern 



cup and saucer in the SYDNEY pattern 



Casserole with lid 



Platter - handcraft Ware 




Marks used on ware for identification:

Early ware was generally not marked. 

Often the trade name 'Coronation Ware' was used along with a crown
but often without the company name.



B & S

early ware was generally not marked
occasionally an impressed 'B' or 'B & S' was used 


Coronation Ware
T W Barlow & Sons Ltd

c.1910 - 28 


Coronation Ware

TOKIO is the pattern name

The registration number 753579
shows that the pattern was first 
registered in 1910

- more on registration numbers -

c.1910 - 28 

Coronation Ware
In England 

printed or impressed mark
1928 - 36


Coronation Ware
Made in England
Est. 1873
Handcraft Ware

1936 - 40

"Est.1837" refers to the date of the building
of the pottery factory rather than the founding of the company


1878 map showing the location of the Coronation Place Works 


Red oval - Coronation Works
Blue square - Union Hotel
Yellow Square - Court House
Purple line - Commerce Street

1937 photograph of  Commerce Street, Longton
showing the Coronation Works and the surroundings

- Britain from Above - 

the Coronation Works


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