Minton & Boyle


Location and period of operation:

Minton & Boyle





Earthenware manufacturer at Stoke, Stoke-on-Trent, England

Thomas Minton started the business in 1793 - since then there were many partners and company names. 

  • In 1836 Thomas Minton died and his son Herbert took over the business, shortly afterwards Herbert took into partnership John Boyle, under the style of Minton & Boyle.

  • In 1841 Boyle withdrew from the partnership with Minton and in about 1842 became a partner with the Wedgwoods.

  • The business continued as Minton & Co.

  • In 1840 Samuel Scriven visited the North Staffordshire potteries as part of a Govenment report on the "Employment of Children and Young Persons in the District of the North Staffordshire Potteries...". 
    He visited Messrs. Minton & Boyle, Eldon Place, Stoke in December 1840 and recorded: 

"The building is extensive, and situate in a healthy place at the entrance of the town; it is well drained, and has privies for the separate use of males and females. The rooms, with few exceptions, are small and want the means of ventilation; the girls' rooms are unnecessarily hot; this, however, depends in a great measure upon themselves, they keep too much fire."

Of the works in Trentham Road he records: 

"The building, situated on spacious and open ground fronting the canal, is of large dimensions, substantially and well built; every room throughout is well ventilated, lofty, clean, and extremely commodious. The system and order equally good, people all seem happy and contented, the girls; room having the appearance of a study in a well regulated school. The utmost order is observed, much respect being shown to the superintendents of each department."

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Subsequently: Minton & Co 


platter in pattern 3908



hand decorated gilt plate in pattern 4230

creamer in pattern 3084



Marks used on ware for identification:

M & B

Felspar Porcelain
was used as a trade name

M & B

Spot & Wreath is the pattern name

M & B

4230 is the pattern number

M & B
Felspar Porcelain

3553 is the pattern number 

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