Rowland & Marsellus Co


Rowland & Marsellus (of New York, USA) were importers, wholesalers and retailers, especially of 'souvenir' wares into the USA

  • They operated c.1893 -1938.  

  • Rowland & Marsellus dealt with numerous Stoke-on-Trent (Staffordshire, England) pottery manufacturers and then sold the wares (with their R&M backstamp) to other distributors in America.

  • Many pottery items, usually in blue and white, decorated with American views were made The plates often have a central design showing a building or scene, and several other related scenes in cartouches on the rolled-over edge of the plate. 

  • A few items have both the mark of the manufacturing pottery and Rowland & Marsellus, however most just bear the mark of Rowland & Marsellus. 

  • Often the Rowland & Marsellus mark says "STAFFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND" - this is where the pottery was made - not the place where Rowland & Marsellus were based. 





Oval plate made by the Soho Pottery Company for Rowland & Marsellus


Marks on the back of the plate

  • The plate was made by Soho Pottery Limited at their works in Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent, England.

  • "Swansea" is the name of the pattern.

  • RD 642111 is the Registered Design number - this dates the design to 1915. 

  • Although the Rowland & Marsellus mark says STAFF (Staffordshire) ENGLAND - they were importers based in New York, America. 




Coats of Arms of Mayflower Families 
The Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor 1620


This plate was made by Staffordshire England pottery and imported by the New York company Rowland & Marsellus. 

R&M shares the backstamp with A.S. Burbank, Plymouth, Massachusetts, owner of the Pilgrim Bookstore and seller of pilgrim and Plymouth souvenirs.

The same design plate was also imported into the USA by Jonroth




A Robert Burns commemorative plate imported 
into America by
Rowland & Marsellus




Serving bowl (c)1860   
Serving bowl
It has a greyish greenish blue design on a white background. 
The design in the center of the bowl is an English Castle scene 
with various flowers and leaves around the border.


The mark on the bottom is a diamond with "R & M Co" 
 this bowl was probably produced by 
British Anchor Pottery Co. for Rowland & Marsellus



This mark is on a blue transferware historical plate.
This mark is on a blue transferware historical plate.  
It is a view of the Waltham Watch Factory in Waltham

The marks tell a story:

  • "Waltham Watch Factory" - the 'commissioner' of the plate in Massachusetts

  • "Staffordshire England" - the plate produced in North Staffordshire, England.

  • "R & M Co" - Rowland & Marsellus, the New York based importer. 

  • The bottom monogram is probably that of the retailer in Boston. 



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