Rowland & Marsellus Co


Oval plate made by the Soho Pottery Company for Rowland & Marsellus


Marks on the back of the plate

  • The plate was made by Soho Pottery Limited at their works in Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent, England.

  • "Swansea" is the name of the pattern.

  • RD 642111 is the Registered Design number - this dates the design to 1915. 

  • Although the Rowland & Marsellus mark says STAFF (Staffordshire) ENGLAND - they were importers based in New York, America. 


A Robert Burns commemorative plate imported 
into America by
Rowland & Marsellus






Serving bowl (c)1860
Serving bowl
It has a greyish greenish blue design on a white background. 
The design in the center of the bowl is an English Castle scene 
with various flowers and leaves around the border.


The mark on the bottom is a diamond with "R & M Co" 
 this bowl was probably produced by 
British Anchor Pottery Co. for Rowland & Marsellus


This mark is on a blue transferware historical plate.
This mark is on a blue transferware historical plate.  
It is a view of the Waltham Watch Factory in Waltham

The marks tell a story:

a) "Waltham Watch Factory" - the 'commissioner' of the plate in Massachusetts
b) "Staffordshire England" - the plate produced in North Staffordshire, England.
c) "R & M Co" - Rowland & Marsellus, the New York importer. 
d) The bottom monogram is probably for the retailer in Boston. 


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