Hadfield Family


HADFIELD family of Stoke-on-Trent


February 18, 1884 photo of the HADFIELD family of Stoke-on-Trent
February 18, 1884 photo of the
HADFIELD family of Stoke-on-Trent

 (back row) Thomas- mechanic, Edward- artist, Charley -pottery artist, Fred-mechanic,

(front row) Emily (Parkinson) -artist, Frederick (Father "sour crout") Mary Ann
(Fisher) (Mother -"grand old lady"), Will-mechanic.



Front Row: (left to right)

Emily (b.1855 Newcastle), m.1875, Edward J. PARKINSON
In 1901 they were living with four children in the Stoke upon Trent
area. Edward's occupation was "Draper's traveller".

Frederick HADFIELD(b.1829? Derby), m. 1850 Derby and his wife
Mary Ann FISHER (b.1830?, Derby)

Frederick & Mary Ann were still alive in 1901, and his occupation was
"Steam engine maker fitter".
On the back of one of the copies of the 1884 photo Frederick is
described as "sour crout" and Mary Ann as "grand old lady"

William (b.1850, Derby, d.14 Nov.1890,Hanley)
His occupation was "engine fitter", and he died suddenly at "The Jug
Inn" of "valvular heart disease".

Back Row: (left to right)

Thomas (1862-1936), m. Mary Ann LAMB (1864-1945) in Hanley (1886).
They emigrated to Victoria BC in 1913, following the lead of their
eldest son who had gone the year before. The younger Thomas was
persuaded to try Canada by his Mother's aunt Ruth LAMB (1853-1939). Aunt
Ruth had gone to Victoria BC around the horn in 1894.

Edward (1860-1938), m. Annie Benbow in Liverpool (1882).
Ellis Island records show him landing in the USA in 1892, and his wife
and a young son arriving a year later. 
Annie Hadfield's last known residence (1947) was 735 Bradshaw Ave, East Liverpool, Ohio.
Ann Benbow Hadfield died at age 94 in 1962. Her place
of birth was given as "Staffordshire".

Charles (1857-1890), m. Agnes Duckett in Birkenhead (1880).
He died 16 Dec.1890 of "general paralysis" at the Stafford Lunatic
Asylum. His occupation was "holloware presser Etruria".

Frederick (b.1853 Newcastle, d.?), m. Elizabeth (1875)
By 1881 Elizabeth and Frederick had two daughters Elizabeth and Emily
(m. 1902, H. Whittaker). Emily and Harry Whittaker lived at 38 Bedford
Street, Basford. In a family letter dated June 1947, she said she was
"68 and my hubby 70". They had married family by then, 3 sons (2 in
Nairobi), 1 daughter and several grandchildren.

1881 census:

Dwelling: 91 Lord St
Census Place: (Stoke Upon Trent) Shelton, Staffordshire, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
Frederick HADFIELD  M 52 M Head Derby Engine Fitter At Works
Mary Ann HADFIELD  M 51 F Wife Derby  
William HADFIELD  U 30 M  Son Derby Engine Fitter At Works
Edward HADFIELD  U 21 M Son Newcastle, Stafford, Potters Clerk
Thomas HADFIELD  U 18 M Son Newcastle, Stafford,  Engine Fitter At Works



Hanley Secondary School est.1894. 

Certificate marker for a book prize presented to to Mary Elizabeth Hadfield (1887-1909) dated 1905. 

The book is "The French Revolution" by T.Carlyle. 

"Lizzie" was the first child of Thomas Hadfield and his wife Mary Ann
LAMB. Her death certificate shows that she was an "Assistant
She was age 22, and died of valvular heart disease.
(Her Uncle Will died at the Jug Inn of the same condition.) The other
coincidence is that she died on May 20th - her younger brother Tom's 20th birthday.

on Hanley Secondary School



Lord Street in Etruria was part of the village built by Josiah Wedgwood for some of his workers at his factory in Etruria.

Lord Street later was named Etruria Road and then Etruria Old Road.

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