Biographies of Stoke-on-Trent People



also see: People of Stoke-on-Trent


Name birth/death occupation
Arnox, Joseph F. L. 1816-1902 Pottery designer, Art director at Minton's
Ashwell, John Blow 1855-1910 Town Clerk
Ashwell, Michael Hoole 1825-1891 Medical Officer of Health
Aynsley, Gerrard 1880-1959 Pottery Manufacturer.
Aynsley, John 1823-1907 Pottery Manufacturer. Longton Mayor.
Barker, John 1867-1943 Pottery -  Head designer & Artist
Bird, Harry 1910-1975 Pottery worker, emigrated to New Zealand.
Bishop, Frederick 1815-1891 Solicitor, Property dealer
Bodley, Edward F. 1815-1881 Pottery manufacturer.
Booth, Thomas G 1850-1907 Pottery manufacturer.
Brindley, James 1716-1772 Canal Engineer
Campbell, Colin Minton 1827-1885 Pottery manf. Member of Parliament. Mayor of Stoke
John Carey  1803-43 Pottery manufacturer with his brother Thomas in Lane End
Clarke, Stan Property developer
Cliff Clarice 1899-1972 Pottery designer & artist 
Clowes, Samuel 1864-1928 Trade Unionist and Member of Parliament
Cockson, Charles T 1838-1900 Pottery painter and manufacturer.
Cole, Samuel 1826-1906 Glass manufacturer.
Cooper, Susie 1902-1995 Ceramic artist & designer.
Corn, Edward 1804-1891 Farmer, Tile Manufacturer
Cyples Lydia 1775-1845 Pottery Manufacturer, also Joseph & Jesse Cyples
Davenport, John 1765-1848 Pottery manufacturer & Member of Parliament. - also Davenport family
Dudson James 1812-1882 Pottery manufacturer.
Faram, Henry Charles 1841-1894 Ironmonger, Mayor for Stoke 1892-4
Fielding, Abraham 1854-1932 Pottery manufacturer.
Goodwin, Benjamin b. 1863 Pottery Worker - good example of life in the potteries.
Goss, William Henry 1833-1906 Pottery Manufacturer - Falcon Works, Stoke.
Granville Earl 1815-1891 Colliery and iron works owner
Grimwade, Leonard L 1863-1931 Pottery manufacturer.
Hadfield family
Hallam George 1832-1898 Pottery Manufacturer.
Hallam, George T.  1873-1940 Mechanic, cycle proprietor 
Harley, Thomas 1778-1832 Pottery manufacturer.
Hayward, Fred (Sir)  1876-1944 Official in the co-operative movement. Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent
Hood, George   Pottery manufacturer.
Kirkham, William 1829-1913 Pottery manufacturer, Mayor for Stoke 1890-3
Lake, Thomas 1788/9-1872 Cabinet maker and Clerk to St. Peter's Church, Stoke.
Leason, George 1841-1911 Pottery Manger, Mayor 1884-1887
Lodge, Oliver Sir 1851-1940 Scientist. 
Lyman, Charles 1829-1921 Architect
Maddock, John 1807-1877 Pottery manufacturer.
Marriott Frederick b1860 Pottery Artist
Newcomen, Thomas 1663-1729 English blacksmith and inventor of a steam engine, born in Dartmouth, Devon.
Oulsnam, William 1826-1882 Tobacco dealer / earthenware manf.
Pepper, John  - 1942 Cycle manufacturer, Garage Owner
Robinson, Doris 1901-2000 Lord Mayor
Rogers, Hamlet J. 1841-1895 Manager of Cole's glassworks.
Scott, George Gilbert  1811-1878 Architect
Shaw, Charles 1832-1906 Minister of Religion (Methodist New Connexion), author of 'When I was a Child'
Shirley, Henry B 1858-1910 Potters miller, Mayor of Hanley
Shirley, Jesse 1848-1927 Potters miller, Mayor of Hanley
Solon, Louis M. E. 1835-1913 Pottery artist at Minton's.
Spode, Josiah I 1733-1797 Pottery manufacturer
Stamer, Sir Lovelace T. 1829-1908 Anglican Bishop, Rector of Stoke on Trent
Stringer, Joseph 1810/11-73 Accountant at Minton's.
Tams, John 1873-1919 Pottery Manufacturer.
Turner John 1738-1787 Pottery manufacturer
Turner William 1762-1835 Pottery manufacturer
Twigg, Joseph 1780-1861 Colour manufacturer
Twyford, Thomas William 1849-1921 Pottery manufacturer
Vernon, James 1809/10-1880 Pottery manufacturer
Walley, Edward 1810-1872 Pottery manufacturer
Ward, Henry 1801/2 - 1884 Architect and Surveyor
Warrillow, Ernest 1910-2000 Historian, journalist, author.
Wood, Thomas 1886- China and glass dealer
Yates, Jeremiah  1808-1852 potter, chartist, surveyor, b.Fenton, lived Hanley.



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