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Edward Walley  




E Walley & Son
Edward & William Walley





Earthenware, parian & salt glaze ware manufacturer at the Villa Pottery, Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent, England.
  • Edward Walley had previously been in partnership with Elijah Jones at the Villa Pottery. In February 1845 Elijah Jones left the business and Edward Walley continued on his own account.  

  • From 1856 the style of the business was E Walley & Son / Edward & William Walley. 

  • By 1860 to cope with expanding production needs the business additionally worked the Scotia Pottery at Burslem.

  • By 1861 the business employed 360 people. 

  • In January 1862 William Walley left the partnership which was continued by Edward Walley. 

  • In 1865 Edward Wally retired from manufacturing and was in business as a commission agent and potter's valuer. He died on the 13th December 1872, in the trustee's notice he was described as 'Potters' Valuer & Agent'

Formerly: Jones & Walley



WALLEY, Edward (1810-1872), pottery manufacturer, Burslem. 

Edward Walley was born at Hanley and baptised on 6 May 1810, the son of Edward Walley and his wife Elizabeth.

He operated the Villa Pottery at Cobridge from about 1840 until 1865 initially with Elijah Jones (as Jones & Walley); from 1845 on his own and then from about 1856 with William Walley.

By 1860 he also worked the Scotia Pottery at Burslem. 

He produced relief moulded jugs for the home market and exported ironstone ware, particularly to Canada, where he supplied churches with ware decorated with individualised markings. He employed 360 hands in 1861. After withdrawing from manufacture he was in business as a commission agent and potter's valuer. 

Edward Walley was a member of the Burslem Board of Health from 1850 to1863 and served as chief bailiff in 1860-1. In 1849 he complained of the inadequacy of the street lighting in Cobridge. 

He married Margaret Turner and a son Edward was born at Hanley in 1837. By 1861 the family were living at Grove House, Cobridge and later in Clifton Terrace, Waterloo Road, Burslem where he died on 13 December 1872. 

'People of the Potteries' 
Information from Mr J W Bentley, Lytham St. Annes; Census 1861; Dir. 1851, 1860; IGI Staffs; Jewitt; Oldham, .


The London Gazette
7th February 1862

notice of the dissolution of the partnership between
Edward & William Walley



Examples of typical ware:

Walley, Edward. Villa Pottery.

"The major product at this pottery appears to have been moulded jugs although ironstone china with printed decoration was also made. 

A variety of printed and impressed marks were used with the surname in full and either the letter E or the full Christian name. 

The printed initial W has also been attributed to this potter"

'The Dictionary of Blue & White Printed Pottery 1780-1880' Coysh & Henrywood 


for further information on jugs manufactured by Walley partnerships: Henrywood web page  



hand coloured ironstone transferware plate in the Niagara Shape 

E. Walley
Niagara Shape 

the registration diamond shows that this design was registered on the 29th November 1856 to Edward Walley 




blue & white ironstone transferware plate in the Hindu pattern 


The printed initial W is generally attributed to Edward Walley



E Walley Cobridge
Registered 10 May 1845

This design was registered to "Edward Walley and J G R Boote" at the Villa Pottery, Cobridge, Staffordshire. 

It was the first design registered after William Walley left the partnership.

It is unsure who 'J G R Boote' was - it could be someone connected to business of T & R Boote

relief moulded jug in the Ranger design 




This jug doesn't bear a makers mark, however the registration diamond shows that this design was registered on the 7th May 1859 to "Edward & William Walley at Cobridge, Staffordshire.  




relief moulded jug in the ENVILLE design 

This jug features a Bounty of the Hunt Scene - the relief design shows a snake and an eagle fighting in a tree on the front, and hanging game birds on the sides with a duck and rifle handle. 

The handle and interior of the jug is finished in a smooth glaze and the rest of the body is matt. 


photos courtesy: Roger Holbrook 



platter in the Wreath pattern 

this platter carried both the printed and impressed marks shown

Paris White Ironstone China was a trade name used by Edward Walley


Paris White Ironstone China

impressed mark 


E. Walley

printed mark 




Marks used on ware for identification:

Indian Stone



initial W used with different marks, often the name of the pattern is included
The printed initial W is generally attributed to Edward Walley




Published May 1849
Edward Walley

Published July 1, 1842
Jones & Walley

'published by..' is not the same as a registered design number
this style of mark was continued from the previous company Jones & Walley 



Edward Walley
Villa Pottery
April 26th, 1851

CERES is the pattern name 

Edward Walley

impress and printed mark used together
often the registration diamond or the printed mark are used on their own


Ironstone China
Edward Walley


E & W
JANY. 1858

Havelock - a design registered by Edward & William Walley
on the 29th January 1858 


1861 census:

Dwelling: Grove House, Ville of Ruston Grange,
Ecclesiastical District of Christ Church
Census Place: Burslem, Stoke-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
Edward Walley M | 50 | M Head Hanley, Staffordshire Earthenware manufacturer, employing about 360 hands.
Margaret Walley M | 42 | F Wife Hanley, Staffordshire  
Edward Walley M | 24 | M Son Hanley, Staffordshire Potter's Manager
Esther Walley M | 23 | F Son's wife Burslem, Staffordshire  
Madeline Walley | 2 | F Daur Burslem, Staffordsire  



1879 map showing the Villa Pottery in Cobridge

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