Lydia Cyples


Location and period of operation:

Lydia Cyples

Lane End 
Market St.



The Cyples family of Market Street, Lane End, Stoke-on-Trent from c.1784 - 1840. Manufacturers of earthenware and Egyptian Black. 

Subsequently Cyples, Barlow & Cyples.


Joseph Cyples c.1784 - 1795
Mary Cyples c.1795 - 1812
Jesse Cyples c.1805 - 1811
Lydia Cyples c.1812 - 1834
R & W Cyples c.1834 - 1840



Cyples, Lydia (1775-1845), pottery manufacturer, Longton.

Lydia Steel born in 1775 married Jesse Cyples at Norton in the Moors on the 8th December 1793.

The Cyples family were potters in Market Street, Lane End and ran one of the oldest established factories in that area. Joseph Cyples is recorded as manufacturing general earthenware and Egyptian Black in 1787. Jessie Cyples was listed as a manufacturer of Egyptian Black 9n 1805. He died in 1810 and his widow, Lydia, continued the business, her sons assisting her, until her death in 1845.

The business was listed as R & W Cyples, Barlow and Cyples and finally in 1849 as Thomas Barlow.

Sources: Jewitt; M and H, People of the Potteries.



Initials used on ware for identification:




Impressed name marks, normally without initials
to show which potter was produced the ware.
Dating is therefore very difficult.




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