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William Littler, Josiah Wedgwood  


William Littler, Josiah Wedgwood 
Source: "The Borough of Stoke-upon-Trent" John Ward, 1843


 "Mr. William Littler, of Brownhills, near Burslem, whose father had carried on business there as a Potter, and left to his son a small landed estate, embarked in some expensive attempts to produce and article resembling oriental china; he commenced business about the year 1745, when he attained his majority, and a few years afterwards removed the seat of his manufacture to Longton Hall, where he prosecuted his experiments with very good success, as regarded the beauty and delicacy of his china, but with disastrous results to himself ….. the specimens of Mr. Littler's china exhibit great lightness and beauty…

Mr. Littler had the merit of first making use of the fluid glaze which Mr. Enoch Booth after wards improved upon."


"Mr. Josiah Wedgwood commenced business in Burslem, in the year 1756, and first occupied a small house and Potwork, where the new Market-house now stands. He afterwards held a more extensive set of works, which, from his having erected a cupola, with a bell, was called the Bell Works, and in a very successful manner prosecuted the business, introducing numerous improvements in its manual and chemical details, as well as in the extent and variety of its productions.

During the progress of making the Grand Trunk Canal, he purchased as considerable estate in Shelton, which it intersected, and erected on its banks a very extensive manufactory; also an elegant mansion near for his own residence, and a great number of cottages for his workmen contiguous to the manufactory, to which new village he gave the classical name, "Etruria" and removed thither partly in 1769 and wholly in 1771."

The Brick House Works (Bell Works)

The Brick House Works (Bell Works)
Josiah Wedgwood's second factory



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