the history of the Borough of Stoke-upon-Trent 


Hollins, Warburton, Daniel & Co; Josiah Spode 


Hollins, Warburton, Daniel & Co; Josiah Spode 
Source: "The Borough of Stoke-upon-Trent" John Ward, 1843


 "The manufacture of China Ware, to any good purpose, was first begun by the firm of Hollins, Warburton, Daniel & Co. of Shelton, about the year 1780, they having purchased from the ingenious Mr. Champion, of Bristol… his interest in the Patent obtained by  Mr. Cookworthy, Chemist, of Plymouth, for the making of porcelain."


"The most successful China-manufacturer of his time was Mr. Josiah Spode, of Stoke, who erected a very large fortune in business and erected at Penkhull a noble mansion, called the Mount, about the year 1803, which now belongs to his grandson, of the same name, a minor."

NOTE: Hollins, Warburton, Daniel & Co produced China in the form of Hard Paste Porcelain - it was Josiah Spode who invented Bone China.

The Mount - home of Josiah Spode
The Mount - home of Josiah Spode
Centre is the Vestibule



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