Josiah Spode II (1754-1827) and The Mount Estate (Penkhull)

The purpose of the walk is to look at what remains today of the estate created by Josiah Spode II (1754-1827), master potter, of Stoke and also to examine the relationship between the estate and the village of Penkhull.



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Locations & photos of the tour (click on the numbers in left column)
intro  Introduction and location map
1  The construction of a new lodge and drive to Princes Road
2  The location of the carriageway to The Mount
3  The Mount - originally home of Josiah Spode II
4  The service wing to The Lodge
4a  The school for the blind and deaf
5  The formal gardens and kitchen garden
6  The location of the stable yard to the Mount Estate
7  The ancient footpath in Doncaster Lane
8  Doncaster Cottage
9  The vicarage for St. Thomas's church
10  The view along Doncaster Lane
11  Beech Grove, Penkhull - Home of John Harrison
12  The Primitive Methodist chapel in Penkhull Square
13  The Church of England church - St. Thomas
13a  Some gravestones on St. Thomas's church yard
14  The 1834 Penkhull school
15  Penkhull Farm in Garden Street
16  Elm Tree House, Garden Street, Penkhull

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Additional notes and maps (which support the tour)

 Description of the new house "The Mount" - built 1803-4
The ground floor plan of The Mount
'To Let' advert in 1838 newspaper - placed by Mary Spode, the widow of Josiah Spode III
The furnishings in The Mount
Entertainment at The Mount
50th Anniversary of King George III - Newspaper report (1809) of the celebration at the Mount.
Penkhull Farm and Josiah Spode II
The extent and value of Penkhull Farm 
Sale of the contents of Penkhull Farm in 1830
Josiah Spode II and the Village of Penkhull (Penkhull Square)
1872 Plan of Penkhull Square
1841 Census: - Penkhull Square
Beech Grove, Penkhull - Home of John Harrison, built 1792
Education in Penkhull village  - 1841
Penkhull Church of England Church - St. Thomas
1878 Ordnance Survey map of Penkhull Square 
The Mount - let to tenants from 1840 onwards (School for Ladies)
Young Ladies School - The 1851 Census return for the Mount 
Frederick Bishop - The 1871 Census return for the Mount Estate
The development of the Mount Estate under Frederick Bishop 
Sale of the Mount in 1875 - Auction details (1) 
Sale of the Mount in 1875 - Auction details (2) 
Auction Plan for the Mount - 1875 

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This walk is based on notes by Andrew Dobraszczyc,
web pages and photographs by Steve Birks during the walk (June 2000)

questions/comments/contributions? email: Steve Birks



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