Josiah Spode II (1754-1827) and The Mount Estate (Penkhull)



  Penkhull Farm and Josiah Spode II


In the 18th century Penkhull Farm was the property of the Alsager family. 

By the mid 1760s they had leased the farm to Harvey Boulton who was buried in St Peter's churchyard on 23 November 1799. On the 3rd of December the contents of the farm were put up for auction and advertised for sale in the Staffordshire Advertiser:


"All the capital Farming Stock, Dairy Vessels, and Household Furniture, of the late Mr HARVEY BOULTON;

The farming stock consists of 15 in-calf Cows, 4 Heifers, 4 Twinters, 4 Stirks, 1 Bull, 1 fat Pig, 3 strong draught Mares, 1 Colt, Gearing for 4 Horses, 1 Waggon, 3 Carts, 1 Plough and a pair of Harrows, about 20 bushels of Potatoes, a quantity of unthrashed Oats, one small Wheat Stack, 3 tons of fine old Wheat, 20 tons of excellent Hay and Clover, and about 2 tons of Cheese of a remarkable fine quality. 

The Household Furniture and Dairy Vessels comprise 4 post and half setter Bedsteads, with check, Home made and other Furnitures, Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Blankets and Bed Covers, Bed and Table Linen, Oak Chests, Desk and Chest of Drawers, chairs of various sorts, Oak Dresser, Tables and Stands, 30 Hours Clock, Iron Boilers, Grates, Fenders, and Fire Irons, Cheese Presses, Cheese-vats, and brass milk-pans, Barrels, Mash Tubs, Coolers, Salting Tubs, Pails, and a variety of other useful Articles too numerous for mention.

The AUCTIONEER recommends this sale to the attention of the Public, as the Cattle are well selected and in high condition, the Corn and Hay well got, and the cheese of a quality which does great credit to the Dairy Maid."

Staffordshire Advertiser - 3rd December 1799

It is possible that some of the contents of the farm were bought by Josiah Spode II because he took over the lease after the death of Harvey Boulton. 

A copy of the lease is in the Spode collection in Keele University Library. It mentions the decayed state of many of the farm buildings and Josiah Spode had liberty to take down and rebuild them. The extract from the 1877 Ordnance Survey map below shows the location of the farm in Garden Street. Most of farm buildings around the yard next to the farmhouse were almost certainly rebuilt by Josiah Spode in the early 19th century.

1877 Ordnance Survey map showing the Penkhull Farm buildings in Garden Street
1877 Ordnance Survey map showing the Penkhull Farm 
buildings in Garden Street


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