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Ash Hall

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Ash Hall

 Ash Hall, Ash Bank Road, Werrington
 Ash Hall, Ash Bank Road, Werrington
Built 1837 for Job Meigh I

Photo: 2000

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date event
1835 Almost immediately the partnership with  Hicks & Johnson was dissolved Job Meigh II prepared to move from Bank House to a new estate
1837 Job Meigh II, bought the Ash Estate. He built Ash Hall where he lived until his death in 1862
1849-57 Between 1849 and 1857 Job Meigh rebuilt or improved many of the Ash estate buildings which were virtually all constructed in the local sandstone.
1862 Job Meigh II died at Ash Hall on January 30th 1862
1862-70 Elizabeth Meigh (the widow of Job Meigh II) continued to occupy Ash Hall until her death in 1870.
1870 The son William Mellor Meigh I moved from Ash House to the Ash Hall.
1876 William Mellor Meigh I died in 1876, aged 69
1876-1922 Ash Hall became the residence of the William Mellor Meigh II until his death in 1922.
1922 Anita Maria Meigh (William's wife) died.
1925 By 1925 the estate had been broken up and many of the farms were purchased by their tenants. 
  Ash Hall and surrounding land were sold to James Grant, a builder, who converted it into a hotel and laid out a 9 hole golf course in the Park. He cut down the trees on Ash bank road and built new houses.
  Used as offices for the pottery manufacturing group Ridgway & Adderley Ltd and Booths & Colcloughs Ltd.
(in use in 1955)
  Ash Hall became a Residential and Nursing Home.