Additional source to ones previously mentioned :

R Fyson: The Crisis of 1842: Chartism, the Colliers' Strike and the Outbreak in the Potteries, in James Epstein 8, Dorothy Thompson (eds) The Chartist Experience, MacMillan, 1982.


Some other aspects of local political history that might be studied:

1. 1820's: growth of potters' union

2. 1840's: w.c. takeover of local government - the Highways Committee (Townley)

3. 1910's: political/union unrest (such as the problems Newcastle police had to deal with)

4. Suffragettes.

5. Development of the Labour party in the early C.20

6. 1930s: fascism. (Cynthia Moseley MP for Stoke; Oswald related to Apedale Hall)