3. Letter from George Ryles, Superintendent of Police, Burslem to George Phillips Esq. Chief Constable of Burslem, 23rd July 1839: 

Dear Sir, 

The number of Chartists in Lane End are 1500, in Burslem only 50 that will agree to join the procession which will (I believe) take place on the 12th of August. They don't mean to shoot their own Police if they don't interfere with them, but if the London or any other Police come amongst them they will be shot, and especially the Cavalry, if they come, they all swear vengeance against them. They are about 50 guns short for Lane End.

It is a plan laid down for all the Chartists in England to use at one time. There will be 15,000 from Manchester which will come through Newcastle and the Potteries. Hanley will be the place for all the Chartists in the Potteries to meet and, if they meet with no opposition here they will go to Longton.

If they are not allowed the Charter, they are sworn to blow up the Parliament House. They have made their calculations how many soldiers there for each town in England which will amount to only 5 soldiers each. They have laid down a plan to place a Barrel of Gunpowder near the Railway with a slow match connected to it, so that if the Soldiers come to Birmingham they will fire the match and Blow them up; the Spears are generally for big lads or youths to use; the object is to get them in the crowd amongst the Police to stab them; if they are interfered with at Burslem they intend to barricade the Legs Inn and shoot the Police or Soldiers as they come up.

This information has been given to-night (Tuesday 23rd July) by a Chartist who has positively purchased a Brace of Pistols.

NB I could not possibly get possession of a Spear to-night.

I remain, Your most obedient servant George Ryles.