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Peppers Garage Group



Peppers Garage Group

The Peppers group started with the purchase in 1902, by John Pepper, of a failed cycle shop at 61 Piccadilly, Hanley. He purchased this from Smith Brothers along with a number of patents

The business continued with the purchase and sale in 1903 of a French motor tricycle and developed into a Wolseley agency. The showrooms in Piccadilly developed as he purchased numbers 63 and 65. In 1937 the Albion Street extension was opened. John Pepper died in 1942. 

The Peppers group went from strength to strength with the opening of the Clough Street Commercial garage. In 1964 many other garages were acquired and developed in Newcastle, Crewe and Nantwich.

Pepper's Motor Group was formed in December 1962 and also went public at the same time.
Taken over by Oliver Rix Ltd May 1965
Manchester Garages Ltd took over the garage division of Oliver Rix 1978
After that C.D.Bramall took Manchester Garages over, then Avis took them over, then C.D.Bramall took the garage division over from Avis until this day (2000) in Newcastle. The other group garages were sold at various times by Bramalls due to Leyland cutting out many dealers.

To view the development of the group follow the link or go directly to specific pictures by selecting from the lists below:

photos of Peppers in Piccadilly
photos of Peppers in Albion Street
Biography of John Pepper


Peppers of Hanley Ltd - Piccadilly Car Showrooms
Peppers of Hanley Ltd - Albion Street garages
Peppers of Hanley Ltd - Clough Street Commercial
Peppers of Stoke Ltd - Campbell Road 
Peppers of Newcastle Ltd - London Road garage
Peppers of Newcastle Ltd - Brook Lane, used cars
Peppers of Leek Ltd - High Street
Peppers of Nantwich Ltd - Showrooms and garage
Peppers of Nantwich Ltd -  used cars
F Woodridge - Crewe showrooms and garage
Clough Street - 1964 extensions 
Piccadilly - Spares department 
Piccadilly - Accessories department 
Piccadilly - Toy & Model department 

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