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Potteries Loop Line - Goldenhill & Pitts Hill

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The changing face of Goldenhill

Goldenhill certainly existed as a few dwellings alongside the main road out of Tunstall. Even today most of the village is centred along the High Street.

Extract from William Yates 1775 Map of Staffordshire 
Showing the few dwellings along a single track at Golden Hill

Goldenhill redevelopment

Extensive redevelopment took place in the late 1960's in and around the High Street area of Goldenhill - the main street was widened which resulted in many properties being demolished or losing part of their frontage.

Comments on Goldenhill (from Maureen - June 2001):-

"My Maternal Grandparents the REDFERN family lived in Alice Street, and I was born there at no.38 in 1946.

It was a lovely close knit community, whose life seemed to revolve around the Methodist Church on the corner of Alice Street and Andrew Street - in fact I and my two sisters were baptised there.  I remember as a child going to many of the Methodist Anniversaries there - it was always packed with people, and my maternal aunts were married in this chapel, and held there wedding celebration in the Schoolrooms opposite.

My Gt. Grandfather Joseph Redfern born 11th May, 1875 was quite well known in the area.  I am told he was the local "bookie". Apparently he was quite a character, and when he died on Oct 4th 1950 there was a huge turn out for his funeral.  He was involved in  the old Goldenhill Wanderers, and was their Secretary for many years. 
In addition he was involved in The Old Kidsgrove Wellington F.C., the Old Port Vale F.C., Old Butt Lane F.C. and Burslem Swimming club.  In addition he had strong connections with the North Staffs. Fed.Homing Society.

I was so thrilled to find photos of many of the streets and pubs in the High Street (most of these have now disappeared ) as I thought I would never see them again.  My Mum, now 77yrs tells me of all the shows which she used to go and see at the Chapel in Andrew Street, and she says it was always well supported by the local population. 

My Grandmother's home in Alice Street was compulsory purchased under the re-widening scheme, and she hated having to leave the home she had been in for years.  She was re-housed in Lancaster Street in one of the old people's bungalows, but never got over leaving the home and community she  loved.  I can also say that even though I loved to visit my Grandparents, it is only when you get a little older that you really appreciate such things."

the 1881 census details of Maureen's Gt. Grandfather "Joseph Redfern"-

Dwelling: 14 Attwood St - Beerhouse
Census Place: Wolstanton, Stafford, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
Joseph REDFERN M 61 M Head Bilston, Staffordshire Beer House Keeper
Mary REDFERN  M 58 F Wife Bilston, Staffordshire Beer House Keeper Wife
Elizabeth REDFERN  U 22 F Daur Kidsgrove, Staffordshire Domestic Servt
Sarah Ann REDFERN U 17 F Daur Kidsgrove, Staffordshire Domestic Servt
Joseph REDFERN  U 6 M Son Kidsgrove, Staffordshire Scholar


Goldenhill Mineral Water Co

Junction of High Street & Rodgers Street 
to the left of the picture Nos. 903-905 High Street
the shop name is "BEECH'S"
the white building to the right is the "Goldenhill Mineral Water Co" and this is shown on the sign.


View of the Mineral Water Co
(High Street to the left - Rodgers Street to the right) 


"My grandfather, Samuel, was known as 'pop' Wharton. He owned The Goldenhill Mineral Water Company  and manufactured pop which he sold to shops and pubs. He also had a coal round (every Thursday) collected from Birchenwood. He began his business, as a sideline to working in the pit, by making ice & selling it by horse & cart.

As the years passed by, Goldenhill was torn down - redevelopment they called it but it took away all the happiness and comradeship. The community was torn apart. Families moved all over the place. It seemed to take so long for this 'so called' redevelopment to take place. Initially, we were told the road had to be widened and replacement housing would be built. But, look now - where is it? There is a lot of old folks housing and a cross close to the site of Mum's shops. The sad thing is that the old community was devastated.
So life has to go on - progress its called . I always drive through when I can, and try to remember what was where."

David Salmon - August 2001

the buildings of Beech's Shop and the Goldenhill Mineral Water Co in 2008




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