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 Burgess and Leigh

Manufacturers of earthenware in the form of stylish vases, novelty flower jugs and practical tableware.

Burgess & Leigh occupied the Central Pottery, Burslem from 1862 to 1867 ( probably as Burgess Leigh & Co)
In 1867 took the earthenware department of the Hill Pottery and then in 1899 moved to the Middleport Works which were purpose built for them

The beehive mark  which was used by Burgess & Leigh was also used by other manufacturers, such as S Alcock & Co.



Description & date

B & L These initials are found on many impressed or printed marks. The name of the pattern is often included.
The place name BURSLEM is also sometimes included.
Monogram marks, either impressed or printed and used from 1862.
this mark appear not to be that of Burgess & Leigh - it is probably associated with a group of Czechoslovakian (perhaps originally Royal Vienna) potteries, some of whom used a very simplistic beehive mark

- it is unsure what the 'B&L' refers to

The introduction of the beehive mark was from 1862 - there were many variations.

The Hill Pottery opened in 1867 - so this mark dates from 1867 onwards.

Printed mark used 1889-1919.
Printed mark used 1889-1912.

The Burgess & Leigh name was adopted in 1877,
The Middleport Pottery opened in 1889.

Printed mark on jug & bowl of the "PAXTON" pattern - the registration number 468915 was first used 1905.


Printed globe mark used 1906-12.

Note the inclusion of the place 'BURSLEM', sometimes 'ENGLAND' appears under the globe and sometimes the pattern name.

Printed globe mark introduced in 1912.

'Ltd' was added in 1919


The bottom mark has the "Middleport Pottery" which seems to date it after 1912.

The registration number 463643 for the "Sydenham" pattern was first registered in 1905.

Printed mark c.1919.

Note the addition of Ltd to the B & L initials

  Standard printed mark. of the 1930's

A beehive surrounded by leaves identifies pre-1940 backstamps. 
Those from 1940 onwards have a much smaller beehive without any leaves.


Printed mark of the 1930's
Printed mark of the 1930's - note this mark was reintroduced in the year 2000 with the initials B D & L for Burgess Dorling & Leigh
Printed mark of the 1930's

Printed mark introduced around 1940, note the beehive mark without the surrounding leaves.

Although this and some later marks had "EST 1851" the Burgess & Leigh partnership started c.1862.
The date of 1851 refers to the original company under the name Hulme and Booth

Printed mark on Ironstone ware, 1960+
'modern' mark
Printed mark, introduced in 2000 by Burgess, Dorling & Leigh.

Note the initials B D & L


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