Burgess & Leigh


Location and period of operation:

Burgess & Leigh




Earthenware manufacturer, early name was Burgess Leigh & Co

Continued from 1999 onwards as Burgess, Dorling and Leigh



Burgess & Leigh occupied the Central Pottery, Burslem from 1862 to 1867 ( probably as Burgess Leigh & Co)
In 1867 took the earthenware department of the Hill Pottery and then in 1899 moved to the Middleport Works which were purpose built for them.


You can go on a 'walk' of the 
Middleport Pottery Works


History of Burgess & Leigh



The best in Quality, in Novelty, in Value
Burleigh Ware
made by Burgess & Leigh
Burslem, England

The Pottery Gazette - January 1913


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1930's mark - "RADFORD" is the pattern


Photograph of the Middleport Works
Photograph of the Middleport Works
pre c.1950
The Trent & Mersey canal runs alongside the works