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Thomas & John Carey

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Thomas & John Carey

Manufacturers of earthenware, 'Saxon Stone' ware, etc., 
Three potteries in Lane End
The Anchor Works in Longton
A pottery in King Street, Fenton.

c. 1818 - 42.


Description & date


Standard impressed name-mark, often with an anchor; several printed marks also occur incorporating the name 'Carey's'.

Good quality blue printed wares were made.


The anchor device relates to the address: Anchor Works, Anchor Road - it appears as an impressed mark.

Top: This sketch is from "Marks & monograms on pottery & porcelain" by William Chaffers.



Bottom: Impressed CAREYS anchor mark.


Mark appearing on a large platter.

Mark on "Asiatic Scenery" plate.

"Indian Temples" pattern

marked 'Careys'



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