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Jackson and Gosling Ltd


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Jackson and Gosling Ltd


This famous was established at the Grosvenor Works in King Street, Fenton, in about 1866, succeeding Jackson & Brown (c.1864). 
In 1909 the address was changed to the Grosvenor Works, Gregory Street, Longton. The firm became a limited liability company in 1928, although 'Ltd" was not always added to marks.


The trade name 'Grosvenor China' was widely used. 


In the 1932-3 period Jackson & Gosling was acquired by W.T. Copeland & Sons Ltd; the standard mark then sometimes included: Copeland's Grosvenor China England.



Description & date


early printed mark. Jackson & Gosling inside a Staffordshire Knot with a crown above.


early printed mark. a crown with the trade name: "GROSVENOR CHINA" 


probably c.1912+  name 'Jackson & Gosling' in full inside a globe.

early printed mark. a crown with the trade name: "GROSVENOR CHINA" 

Jackson & Gosling and "ENGLAND" 



early printed star badge mark.
with the trade name: "GROSVENOR CHINA" 

first example of the use of initials "J&G" instead of the full name.
"L" stands for "Longton" - the company was not a "Ltd" company until 1928

c.1919+  printed mark using trade name: "Ye Olde English" & "Jackson & Gosling" in full
This mark also occurs with the addition of "LONGTON" 
c.1924+  printed mark using trade name: "Ye Olde English" & "J & G" instead of full name.

variations occur with the addition of "L" under "J&G" also "GROSVENOR CHINA" can be at the bottom of the mark.

probably c.1930+  name 'Jackson & Gosling Ltd' in full.

"Ltd" was used 1930+

c.1930's+  simple printed mark - variations include "MADE IN ENGLAND"
c. mid 1930's onwards  simple printed mark, including "COPELANDS" - who took over control c.1931-2 


probably c.1940+ 

c.1950's+  printed mark which was also used by "Grosvenor China Ltd" who took over the works in 1961 after Jackson & Gosling
probably c.1950's+  simple printed mark.


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