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North Staffordshire Pottery Companies & Trade Marks

A guide to Stoke-on-Trent (North Staffordshire) ceramic companies their history, trade and initial marks (the markings used on the bottom of some ceramics)

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Pottery companies and their marks

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As well as letters many companies had a crest or symbol they used as a trade mark which was embossed, printed or painted on the bottom of the ware.

North Staffordshire Pottery Marks


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Many potteries used letters and initials to identify their ware - this is an alphabetic listing of the initials used and the companies they correspond to.
Initial Marks used by British Potters


A simple guide to understanding the basics of the marks and dates on the underside of pottery.

General guide to Ceramic Marks & Dating

 explanation of the use of the Royal Coat of Arms

Unknown potters & marks

Fakes & Forgeries

Registered numbers are a consecutive numbering system which  gives the date when that design was registered to prevent copying

Registration marks and letters.

Staffordshire Potters from 1700:
Stoke-on-Trent .... the centre 
of the pottery industry world-wide. 
This is a full listing of every known 
Staffordshire pottery company.

Over 1500 potters


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