Unknown potters and marks

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Unknown potters and marks of North Staffordshire


Why can't some potters marks be identified?

  • Over 1500 pottery firms have operated in Stoke-on-Trent since the early 1700's - Some lasted only a few years and some for well over 200 years. 

  • Some potters built and owned their own works. Many others were tenants in works built by others and a succession of potters occupied the same works. It was also a common practice for a works to be split between two different pottery companies or for a larger manufacturer to let out a smaller section of his works to a potter who would make ware which was not of interest to the potworks owner.

  • Some potters purchased 'blanks' from other manufacturers and put their own decoration on them - some of the ware has two backstamps.

All this adds to the happy confusion  when trying to trace details of a particular manufacturer.


Fakes and forgeries?
Sometimes manufacturers (espexially early American) imitate the marks or patterns of Staffordshire potters  


Who made this pottery?
Also see this section on unknown marks  

Unknown potters and marks of North Staffordshire
The following are either unknown potters or have some
unsolved question relating to them.
if you can help with any - or have a mystery mark 
of your own then please email me: Steve Birks

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Beehive mark with registration number 7624

The Henry Alcock Pottery Ltd - Fenton

J J Quick & Co Limited - Hanley

N H & Co with "ENGLISH BONE CHINA" "ENGLAND" and a toby jug logo.

"Recta Breviora" in a ribbon above mark of a lion


S R 'Made in Staffordshire England'

Staffordshire Knot mark with pattern "Seaforth"

W.W.R. & Co   Staffordshire England

Staffordshire Knot mark with "OC & Co" and a crown above

Globe mark with JCS & Co FOLEY China Works