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Unknown potters and marks of North Staffordshire

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The following are either unknown potters or have some
unsolved question relating to them.
if you can help with any - or have a mystery mark 
of your own then please email me: Steve Birks


The Henry Alcock Pottery Ltd The Henry Alcock Pottery Ltd

unsure why this mark says 'FENTON' because the Henry Alcock Pottery was at the Clarence Works, Stoke from 1910-35.

on Henry Alcock



Mark of a lion with  "Recta Breviora" in a ribbon below. Mark of a lion with  "Recta Breviora" in a ribbon below.

Though to be "Oriental China" of Powell, Bishop and Stonier




R & J  LONGTON in the circle and a crown above

No trace of R & J Longton in the directories



S R 'Made in Staffordshire England'


S R 'Made in Staffordshire England'

'Blue Lilly' will be the pattern name

Unknown potter - this must be a recent piece because of the reference to 'Dishwasher Safe'

  answer: The Potteries Museum comments on this mark:- 

"We have a handwritten note in our edition of Godden stating "SR with lion on each side and crown on top.  Ridgways".  Unfortunately, there is no note to explain this.  I have to say that the mark looks recent, and not particularly like at Staffordshire mark.  However, it could have been a late Ridgways production for the American market."

This comment, coupled with another Ridgway mark which has "SR" at the top and also is marked "IRONSTONE" seems to support Ridgway Potteries as the maker.



W.W.R. & Co   Staffordshire England

W.W.R. & Co   Staffordshire England

No trace of a Staffordshire potter fitting the initials W.W.R & Co

possibly a Chinese import