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Thomas Podmore
Podmore, Walker & Co
Podmore, Walker, Wedgwood & Co

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Thomas Podmore  c.1830-34

Podmore, Walker & Co  c.1834-56

Podmore, Walker, Wedgwood & Co  c.1856-59

Thomas Podmore started in business c.1830 as Thomas Podmore & Co  at the Upper Potworks by 1834 he was joined by Thomas Walker and in 1835 they moved their works to Well Street, Tunstall.

Podmore, Walker & Co. took over the Unicorn Pottery and Pinnox Works in Tunstall and also used the Swan Bank Pottery.

The initials P. W. & Co. appear on several printed marks. 

Enoch Wedgwood had also been a partner in the original firm from about 1834 (he was the '& Co') - he became a more senior partner and in 1856 the business was renamed  Podmore, Walker, Wedgwood & Co. - during the period circa 1856 to 1859 the initials P. W. & W. may occur on the mark. 

After 1856 the marks WEDGWOOD was also used - it was found advantageous to use the name 'Wedgwood' alone (because it gve the impression of association with the famous Josiah Wedgwood, even though Enoch Wedgwood had no association with the Josiah Wedgwood & Co business. 

In 1859 firm became Wedgwood & Co. when Enoch Wedgwood succeeded the older partnership.

They used the trade name "PEARL STONE WARE"


Description & date

T P Co
Thomas Podmore

'TUNSTALL' is the name of the Potteries town where the factory was situated. 

PW & Co

PW & Co


Printed or impressed marks

1834 - 1856


PW & Co

PW & Co


typical printed marks

1834 - 1856

'SPARTAN' and 'WASHINGTON VASE' are the pattern names


P W W & Co

Podmore, Walker, Wedgwood

Podmore, Walker, Wedgwood & Co

marks used in the period 1856 - 1859

circa 1856-59

WASHINTON VASE is the pattern name - see the example above with the initials PW & Co

the pattern was registered in 1849 by Podmore, Walker & Co. the '& Co' was Enoch Wedgwood but it was found advantageous to use the name 'Wedgwood' alone.  



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