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Shaw and Copestake


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Shaw and Copestake

Manufacturer of fancy earthenware at Longton.

1894 to May 1982
Early ware was unmarked.
"SylvaC" was a trade name often used by Shaw & Copestake, it was not until c.1937 that the name "SylvaC" was impressed on the bottom of the ware but it was very haphazard and much ware was unmarked. 
Shaw & Copestake also used paper or metal foil stickers to mark their ware - most of these fell of during use.


Description & date


printed 'daisy' mark - used before the introduction of the trade mark "SylvaC"


printed modified 'daisy' mark - with the trade mark "SylvaC"

The name "SylvaC" seems to have been registered in 1938


Metal foil tag. This mark was also used as a printed mark.

There is a similar mark for export ware which has "Made in Great Britain" 

1940's +

Typical impressed mark used from the early 1940's onwards

1946+ (to late 50's) 

Printed mark with "SylvaC Ware" in sloping script.

Also used without the word "ware" 


Simple printed marks 


Script impressed mark

1950's impressed mark
Printed label 
Printed label from 1960's onwards
Note the introduction of the top hat wearing 'man' made from the letters S and C

Printed mark - based on the foil label of the 1930's


Printed mark used on toby jugs

Foil labels
Early 1980's printed mark "SylvaCeramics" 


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