People from Stoke-on-Trent

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William Bailey

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At Lightwood, the southern extremity, resides William Bailey, Esq., one of the first who made lustre Pottery, by which, with the branch of Enamelling, himself and partner W. Batkin, Esq.) have been successful in acquiring very competent fortunes. He justly esteemed for his piety; and in this neighbourhood his philanthropy has been evinced extensively during more than a quarter of a century.

And in Steel's Nook is the neat and elegant residence of W. Batkin, Esq. abovementioned. In every Institution for promoting the welfare of Mankind, and especially for ameliorating the condition of the poor, his name ranks among the Benefactors; thus is his liberality known to all men; and he is an excellent specimen of the followers of the "meek and lowly Jesus."