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= people listed in "Who's Who in Staffordshire - 1934"

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Name   occupation place comments
John Baddeley d.1772 Pottery Manufacturer    
George Thomas Bagguley b.1860 Bookseller and Bookbinder Newcastle
William Bailey   Pottery Manf. Lightwood  
George Frederick Barber b.1882 Draper Tunstall
George Herbert Barber b.1860 Cinema Proprietor Tunstall
William Baker 1800-65 Pottery Manufacturer Fenton benefactor to Fenton
William Meath Baker 1857-1935 Pottery Manufacturer Fenton benefactor to Fenton
William Barker   Manufacturer Longton  
Horace Barks       Lord Mayor of S-o-T in the 1950's
James Henry Barlow b.1867 Earthenware Manf. Weston Coyney
William Barlow-Lietch b.1883 Clerk in Holy Orders Froghall
Francis Hamilton Barnsley b.1906 Solicitor Newcastle
Josephine Barratt     Burslem J.P.
Basford family       related to the Stevenson family
Ralph Bassett b.1866   Newcastle J.P.
Donald Harry Bates b.1885 Accountant Hanley
William Henry Beechener b.1868 Tailor Hartshill Alderman & J.P.
Arnold Bennett 1867-1931  Novelist     
Bennett family        
William James Betson b.1872 Clerk in Holy Orders Alton J.P.
Samuel Bevington b.1808 d.1863 pottery decorator and manufacturer Hanley supporter of the chartist movement
Biddulph Family        
Ernest Robert John Biggs b.1867 Clerk in Holy Orders Kingsley
Thomas Birks   Manufacturer Longton  
Blackwell family 1750's on pottery manufacturer's Cobridge prominent Catholic family
George Blair b.1860 Pottery Manufacturer Longton J.P.
Enoch Boulton   Pottery artist at Grimwades    
Douglas Arthur Boulton b.1899 Solicitor Wolstanton
John Boulton        
William Boulton   Engineer Burslem Alderman
Charles Hall Bowers b.1877 Manufacturer Wolstanton Alderman & J.P.
Percival Hugh Liddon Bradley b.1891 Clerk in Holy Orders Fenton
Thomas William Bratton b.1860   Shelton J.P.
Ernest William Bridgwood b.1873 Clerk in Holy Orders Blythe Bridge
John Frederick Bromley b.1899 Radiologist Stoke
Charles Austin Brook b.1881 Accountant & Auditor Burslem
Thomas Henry Brooks b.1895 Clerk in Holy Orders Longton
Benjamin Singleton Brough   manufacturer Longton  
Charles Bullock   Tailor Longton  
Thomas Poole Burrows   Grocer Longton