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Blackwell Family

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the Blackwell family:

An important Catholic family in Cobridge was the Blackwell family. 

They had arrived in the area by the early 1770s and John and Joseph Blackwell were listed as manufacturers of blue and white stone ware, cream and painted wares in Bailey’s Directory in 1784. 

By the end of the 18th century John Blackwell ran one of the largest pottery factories in Cobridge and was the owner of two other Potworks in the vicinity. He built a large house in front of the works at the junction of Elder Road and Waterloo Road. Behind the factory he built a row of 19 cottages to house some of his employees. His house, factory and the cottages have all been demolished but the road at the back of the site is still called Blackwells Row today. 

The Warburton and the Blackwell families were the principal supporters of the Roman Catholic community in the area. In 1780 they helped to finance the construction of a small Catholic chapel at the end of what is now Grange Street then the lane leading to Rushton Grange Farm.