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William Boulton

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William Boulton and his family lived (by 1881) at 194 Waterloo Road, Cobridge.
The location of the house can be seen on this 1878 OS map.


1881 census:

Dwelling: 194 Waterloo Road
Census Place: Burslem, Staffordshire, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
William BOULTON  M 56 M  Head Clayton, Staffordshire Alderman Engineer E&M Master Employing 83 Men And 18 Boys
Mary BOULTON  M 36 F  Wife Tunstall  
George E. BOULTON 12 M Son Burslem Scholar
William H. BOULTON  9 M Son Burslem Scholar
Thomas E. BOULTON 7 M Son Burslem Scholar
Frank D. BOULTON  6 M Son  Burslem Scholar  Handicap: Imbecile
Charles E. BOULTON  11 m M Son Burslem  
Mary HOUGH  U 30 F Serv Wibunbury, Cheshire General Servant
Eliza CLAYTON U 25 F Serv West Bromwich Nurse Dom