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Basford family

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Research on the Basford / Stevenson family from Stoke-on-Trent - this information supplied by: HelenSchmidt  [Helen  (dot)  Schmidt  (at) earthlink  (dot) net]

Basford family. I have a David Dell Basford who married Alice Parton Stephenson( born about 1849)  in 1869 in Staffordshire

The family emigrated to Trenton New Jersey in 1889. From the american census records 1900 and 1910 on a Basford website I have put together a list of the children  of David and Alice as follows

8 children I have been able to track down

 Alice Ann Basford     christened Christened 03 Feb 1875

Blanche Stephenson Basford    born approx    March 1872  1900 US Census Christened 03 Feb 1875

Eleanor Gertrude  Basford    born approx Dec 1873 BMD site  Christened 03 Feb 1875

David Bertram J Basford     born approx Dec 1875 BMD site

Alethea Adela Basford     born May 1879 1900 US Census

Leon Godfrey Basford     born approx June 1883 BMD site

Charles Reginald Basford     born June 1887 BMD site

Louise E Basford     born Nov 1889 1900 US Census


There was no sign of Eleanor or Alice on either of the American census information so I am checking that they may have stayed in the UK. Otherwise the other 6 definitely moved over to Trenton with their parents. - shows the death of Alice P Basford
Trenton was a major area for the maunfcturing of pottery. I also found reference to the father David and the son David Bertram in the TRenton historical society webpages
I see that the 1881 census that you have included at the bottom of the page on Joseph Stephenson shows two Basford grandchildren - Blanche and Eleanor.
You will also find the rest of the family living in Renalagh Street in the 1881 census.

1881 British Census

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
 David BASFORD   Head   M   Male   34   Buckingham, England   Potters Colour Maker (Paint)    
 Alice P. BASFORD   Wife   M   Female   31   Shelton, Stafford, England       
 Alice A. BASFORD   Daur   U   Female   10   Shelton, Stafford, England   Scholar    
 David B.J. BASFORD   Son   U   Male   5   Shelton, Stafford, England   Scholar    
 Alethea BASFORD   Daur   U   Female   1   Shelton, Stafford, England       
 Alfred T. BASFORD   Brother   U   Male   29   Northampton, England   Dischargred Soldier (Army Pensr)    

Source Information:
  Dwelling   16 Renalagh St
  Census Place Stoke Upon Trent - Shelton, Stafford, England
  Family History Library Film   1341653
  Public Records Office Reference   RG11
  Piece / Folio   2723 / 44
  Page Number   52