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= people listed in "Who's Who in Staffordshire - 1934"

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Name   occupation place comments
Richard Eccles b.1877 Friendly Society Sec. Longsdon J.P.
Edge, Joseph 1805-93 Earthenware manf. Burslem  
Samuel Rathbone Edge b.1848   Newcastle J.P.
John Henry Lilwall Edwards b.1867 Clerk in Holy Orders Talk
William Charles Leslie Ehrhardt b.1888 Clerk in Holy Orders Newcastle
Harry Ellam b.1880 Potters Thrower Fenton J.P.
Charles Elphinstone 1854-1931 Theatre Proprietor      
James Elphinstone 1826-92 Theatre Proprietor      
James Elphinstone (Jnr) 1852- Theatre Proprietor      
Jacob Elson b.1832     transported to Tasmania for theft
Emberton, John        
Emberton, James 1839-85 Earthenware manf. Tunstall Highgate Pottery
Emberton Thomas Isaac 1836-81 Earthenware manf. Tunstall Highgate Pottery
Emberton, William   - 1867 Earthenware manf. Tunstall Highgate Pottery