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James Emberton

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Earthenware Manufacturer

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father - William Emberton  |  mother - Hannah ne้ Dean
James Emberton
b.1839   d.1885
Edward J Emberton
William D Emberton

Gertrude E Emberton



1839 James Emberton born
1867 When his father William died both James and his brother Thomas Isaac carried on the pottery business. The firm carried on until James's death in 1885.
1876 1st son Edward born
1877 Daughter Gertrude born
1878 2nd son William born
1881 by this date living at 26 Welsey Street, Tunstall.
1885 James Emberton died January 18th 1885.


1881 census for 26 Wesley Street, Tunstall:


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
James EMBERTON M 42 M  Head Audley, Staffordshire Earthen Ware Manufacturer
Jane EMBERTON  M 36 F Wife Gainford, Durham
Edward J. EMBERTON  5 M Son Tunstall Scholar
Gertrude E. EMBERTON 4 F Daur Tunstall Scholar
William D. EMBERTON 3 M Son Tunstall
Ann DAVIES U 23 F Serv Blackwood, Monmouth General Serv (Domestic)
Mary M. WILKES  U 15 F  Serv Princes End Nurse