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Estates of the Child Family

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see also Sir Smith Child
See also Admiral Smith Child



The estate called Newfield was held in 1627 by Thomas Baddeley whose family had land in Tunstall by the 13th century. Newfield remained with the Baddeleys until the death in 1770 of Thomas Baddeley who had settled it on his nephew Captain (later Admiral) Smith Child in 1764.
The Admiral, who rebuilt the hall c.1770, died at Newfield in 1813, and the estate, to which a pottery works had been added before 1800, passed to his grandson Smith Child, a minor.


The lordship of Fenton Vivian was divided by 1767; part was held with Botteslow by Thomas Baddeley of Newfield in Tunstall.....
....the Botteslow fifth was held in 1807 by John George Child, son of Thomas Baddeley's heir Smith Child.

From: Victoria History of the County of Stafford vol. VIII