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Charles Harthern

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Pastor Charles Harthern of Penkhull

Charles H Harthern
Charles H Harthern

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father: Thomas Ashley mother: Elizabeth Cartwright Ashley (ne้ Harthern)
Charles H Harthern wife: Mrs. Florrie Harthern ne้ Bradbury 
Roy A Harthern
Paul H Harthern
Thomas Ashley 
Frank Ashley
Robert Ashley

Edith May Ashley Speight  
Lillian Ashley Range 
Gladys Mary Ashley Horne
Doris Esther Ashley Devitt
Bessie Ashley Henderson


1898 Date of Birth:  Nov 26, 1898 - Charles Harthern was born in Liverpool to Thomas Ashley and Elizabeth Harthern.  As there was a lot of stigma associated with being an illegitimate child, Charles was sent to Penkhull to be raised by his Uncle Mr. Mason who lived at 14, Newcastle Lane, Penkhull, Stoke-on-Trent. (Thomas Ashley and Elizabeth Harthern subsequently married).
c.1914 Charles lived opposite the Methodist Church in Newcastle Lane and at the age of 14 he became a Christian - later becoming a Youth Leader at the Methodist Church.
  at some time Charles Harthern was in fellowship with the local Brethren Assembly. 
early 1920's Pastor S. Jefferys came to The Potteries to hold 'Healing and Revival' meetings - Charles Harthern was chosen to challenge Jefferys on the 'Baptism in the Holy Spirit' - the Brethren were very opposed to this doctrine. However instead of challenging Pastor Jefferys, Mr. Harthern was challenged himself and consequently joined the newly formed AOG (Assemblies of God) Church. 
c.1926 Married Florence  Bradbury.   Dec 25, 1926 (year may be incorrect)
1939 Charles Harthern started meetings in his home in Newcastle Lane with many children and young people becoming Christians and receiving the Bapatism in the Holy Spirit.
  Charles hired Barnfield Pavilion and started the Penkhull AOG church.
1942 A small wooden bungalow adjacent to the coal business was purchased and the church and Sunday school meetings continued there. 
  As well as Penkhull, Charles pioneered churches at Bollington, Chase Terrace and Ball Green.
  At the same time as his church planting and Pastoring Charles built up a coal business (started by his uncle Mason)

Mason's Cash Coal Service 
Coal Merchants & Haulage Contractors
Furniture Removers 


1948 By this time his business had grown to 14 lorries. He also had 3 houses (by 1951 Charles Harthern was living at 189, Queens Road, Penkhull. 
With his business success he became quite 'well off' and was known for his generosity. 
  With the strain of the business Charles became ill and the doctors told him he only had a couple of weeks to live. He prayed for healing and rededicated himself to God and God gave him another 20 years.
He sold his business but kept the coal yard in Franklin road so that he could built a new church.
1949 Charles' son - Roy went to America and later Roy invited his father to join him - so Charles Harthern went to minister in the USA.
1965 Charles returned from America to build a new church in Penkhull on his old coal yard. He did not enjoy good health.
1967 Visited USA and taken ill while there.
1968 The new church at Penkull, Stoke-on-Trent, England, was opened.
1968 Charles Harthern died on 6th November 1968.


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