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William Lovatt

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William Lovatt   1842 - 1918
Tailor. Mayor of Burslem

Birth date:

26 June 1842  Place: Vale Place, Shelton, Staffordshire, England.
Death date:   29 Dec 1918  Place: Woodland Avenue, High Lane, Burslem


father: John Lovatt (1810-?)  mother: Martha Woodwiss (1806-?)
William Lovatt 
(b.1842 d.1918)
wife 1: Jane Challinor (1846-70)
wife 2: Emma Sanders (1851-98)
Fred William Lovatt (1870-1871)
Emma Woodwiss Lovatt (1875-1961)
George Lovatt (1877-1899)
William Thomas Lovatt (1882-after 1926)
Alice Lovatt (1889-1965)


1842 William Lovatt born 26th June 1842, the son of John Lovatt and Martha née Woodwise
  After leaving school W.L. became apprenticed to the tailoring trade and served his time in a London Establishment.
Subsequently he returned to Newcastle-under-Lyme as assistant in the shop of Messrs. Marsden Bros., who eventually placed him in charge of the Burslem branch. 
1867 William Lovatt married Jane Challinor.
1870 William and Jane had a son, Fred William Lovatt on the 24th Nov 1870.
William Lovatt's wife, Jane, died on 1st December 1870.
1871 The child Fred William Lovatt died on 1st June 1871
William Lovatt married again - his bride was Emma Sanders and they married on 29th October 1871 at Wolstanton Registry Office.
1875 Emma Woodwiss Lovatt was born 9 Jan 1875
1877 George Lovatt was born 16 Jan 1877
1881 At the time of the 1881 census the family was living at 44 Wharf Street, Burslem and William Lovatt's occupation was a Clothier's Assistant. 
  When that business was discontinued he carried on business as clothier, tailor and outfitter at 15-17 St. Johns Square, Burslem. 
No 15 was used by Arnold Bennett as the Baines shop in his novel 'Old Wives' Tale'. 
1882 William Thomas Lovatt was born 3 Nov 1882.
1889 Alice Lovatt was born 20 Jan 1889.
1891 At the time of the 1991 census William Lovatt carried out his business at numbers 17-19 St. Johns Square as can be seen in the photograph below. 
1898 His second wife Emma née Sanders died on 1st May 1898. 
1900 William Lovatt became the Councillor for North Ward, Burslem. 
1901 W. L. was elected as Mayor of Burslem, and was invited to continue for a second year. 
1918 William Lovatt died on 29th December 1918 at his home in Woodland Avenue, High Lane, Burslem. 



William Lovatt - Mayor of Burslem 1901-1903
William Lovatt
Mayor of Burslem 1901-1903

Formal mayor portrait painted by
Fred Stannistreet


1909 picture of St. John's Square taken from Fountain Place
on St. John's Square


The buildings at the bottom of the Square were (left to right) Longson's, 
Lovatt's (Tailors & Outfitters) and Duke William Hotel.

No 15 was used by Arnold Bennett as the Baines shop in his novel 'Old Wives' Tale'.
on Arnold Bennett


1881 census:

Dwelling: 44 Wharf St
Census Place: Burslem, Staffordshire, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
William LOVATT  M 38 M Head Hanley Clothiers Assistant
Emma LOVATT  M 29 F  Wife Wolstanton  
Emma LOVATT  6 F  Daur Burslem Scholar
George LOVATT  4 M  Son Burslem Scholar


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