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Alfred Meakin

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Alfred Meakin


father: James Meakin  
Alfred Meakin 
(b.1848 d.1904)
wife: Harriet MEAKIN
Alfred J. MEAKIN (b.1876 d.1908)
Reginald MEAKIN (b.1877)
Louis MEAKIN (b.1880)

Harriet E. MEAKIN (b.1873)
Gertrude MEAKIN (b.1879)

James Meakin had four sons... 
James and George founded J & G Meakin (Hanley), 
while in 1874 Alfred, founded Alfred Meakin at Tunstall. 
Charles worked at Burslem, then at the Eastwood Pottery 
(which was later taken over by his brothers James & George)


on Meakin


1848 Alfred Meakin - born, the son of potter James Meakin who manufactured pottery at Newtown Works, Uttoxeter Road, Longton. 
1875 Alfred Meakin commenced pottery manufacture at Royal Albert Pottery, Tunstall. He also operated at the Victoria Pottery and Highgate Potteries. 
1897 The company became a limited company - "Alfred Meakin Ltd."
1904 Alfred Meakin died and was succeded at the pottery works by his son Alfred James Meakin (who died 4 years later)


1881 census:

 Dwelling: Rode Heath
Census Place: Odd Rode, Cheshire, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
Alfred MEAKIN  M 33 M Head Staffordshire Earthenware Mfr
Harriet MEAKIN  M 31 F  Wife Staffordshire  
Alfred J. MEAKIN  5 M Son Staffordshire Scholar
Reginald MEAKIN  4 M  Son Cheshire Scholar
Harriet E. MEAKIN  8 F Dau Cheshire Scholar
Gertrude MEAKIN  2 F Dau Cheshire  
Louis MEAKIN 8 m M  Son Cheshire  
Wm.H. GRINDLEY U 23 M  Visitor Staffordshire Earthenware Mfr
Jessie BURROWS  M 50 F Serv Staffordshire Dom Serv
Jane PUGH  U 26 F  Serv Staffordshire Dom Serv
Annie PUGH  U 20 F Serv Staffordshire Dom Serv
Mary PUGH  U 23 F  Serv Staffordshire Dom Serv
Elizabeth PUGH  U 15 F Serv Staffordshire Dom Serv