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The Meakin family of Potters


James Meakin born 1807 - died 1852 (who manufactured pottery at Newtown Works, Uttoxeter Road, Longton). had four sons, who were all potters... 

James Meakin born: c.1830 
George Meakin born: c.1832
Charles Meakin born: c.1844
Alfred Meakin born: 1848  died: 1904




J & G Meakin (Hanley) was founded by James and George.

 J & G Meakin marks 

 J & G Meakin  works 


Alfred Meakin operated at a number of works in Tunstall - the company was founded in 1874 by Alfred.

 Alfred Meakin marks 

 Alfred Meakin works 



Charles worked at the Trent Pottery, Burslem from c.1870 - c.1882, then at the Eastwood Pottery, Hanley (which was later taken over by his brothers James & George)

 Charles Meakin marks 

 Charles Meakin works 


A pottery company "Meakin Brothers" was recorded in the trade directories as operating at the Trent Pottery, Burslem from c.1865 to 1873 - producing earthenware for the export market.

It is not 100% definite, but highly probable that Charles & Alfred were in business together, prior to the establishment of their individual concerns and that the "Meakin Brothers" were Charles and Albert "C & A Meakin" - it is known that Charles operated from the Trent Pottery, Burslem and Albert Meakin started business in Tunstall in 1874 - which was the year after "Meakin Brothers" were recorded at Trent Pottery, Burslem


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