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Charles Meakin

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Charles Meakin


James Meakin had four sons... 
James and George founded J & G Meakin (Hanley), 
while in 1874 Alfred, founded Alfred Meakin at Tunstall. 
Charles worked at Burslem, then at the Eastwood Pottery 
(which was later taken over by his brothers James & George)


on Meakin


1881 census:

Dwelling: Oulton Rocks
Census Place: Stone, Staffordshire, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
Charles MEAKIN  M 37 M Head Draycott, Staffordshire Manufacturer Of Earthenware
Sarah MEAKIN  M 32 F Wife Cobridge, Staffordshire Manufacturers Wife
Alfred Alcock MEAKIN  8 M  Son Endon, Staffordshire  
Frank MEAKIN  6 M  Son Endon, Staffordshire  
Jessie Emily MEAKIN  5 F Daughter Endon, Staffordshire  
Sarah Constance MEAKIN  4 F Daughter Stone, Staffordshire  
Harold MEAKIN  2 M  Son Stone, Staffordshire  
Adala Mary MEAKIN  1 F Daughter Stone, Staffordshire  
Nelson MEAKIN 2 m M Son Stone, Staffordshire  
Sarah RHODEN  W 41 F Domestic Ser Ingestre, Staffordshire Dom Servt
Ann THOMPSON  U 37 F Domestic Ser Ellesmere, Shropshire Dom Servt
Annie HILL  U 25 F  Domestic Ser Beadley, Derbyshire Dom Servt
Grace MATTHEWS U 26 F  Domestic Ser Dresden, Staffordshire Dom Servt
Mary Jane BURGESS U 19 F Domestic Ser Liverpool, Lancashire Dom Servt