People from Stoke-on-Trent

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William Mellor Meigh II

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Son of William Mellor Meigh I
Grandson of Job Meigh II
Greatgrandson of Job Meigh (Snr)

William Mellor Meigh’s eldest son, William Mellor Meigh II, was married at an elaborate ceremony at Hartshill church on the 23rd of August 1866 by the Rev Sir Lovelace Stamer, Bart., the rector of Stoke, assisted by the Rev Joseph Westbury, of Hartshill and the Rev J Broad, of St George’s church, Newcastle. 
His bride was Anita Maria Peake, the eldest daughter of Joseph Peake, of Stoney Fields, near Newcastle-under-Lyme. 

The newly married couple moved first to Caledonia House in Cemetery Road, Shelton, and then to Clayton Lodge

After the marriage, William Mellor Meigh I retired as a colour manufacturer and the business was taken over by his eldest son. 

1866 Married Anita Maria Peake
1876-1922 Ash Hall became the residence of the William Mellor Meigh II until his death in 1922.


Source: Andrew Dobraszczyc notes.