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John Tellwright 

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John Tellwright 1739 - 1828

Father Samuel Tellwright(?born - 1769)
Mother Jane Tellwright maiden name unknown, place of marriage unknown.

 John Tellwright was the eldest son of Samuel and Jane and was christened in March 1739 at St Johns Church, Burslem
1742 When John was aged three his brother Samuel was born. ? died in infancy.
1744 When John was aged 5 His sister Mary was christened in November. She died before 1769 though no date found yet.
1747 When John was aged 8 his sister Martha was born.  She survived after 1769 as she is mentioned in the Will of Samuel Tellwright, her father.
1749  When he was 10 John's brother James christened May 28th. ?Died in infancy
1750 Aged 11 his sister Jane was christened 6thJanuary.  She survived too and is mentioned in the Will of Samuel Tellwright.
1753 Aged 14 His brother Samuel christened 4th February.  Samuel survived beyond 1769.
1755  Aged 16 His sister Elizabeth christened June.  She did not survive after 1769
1758  Aged 19 His brother Thomas christened 16th April. He married Hannah Twemlow on October 1 1776 in Stoke on Trent.
1760 Age 21 His brother James christened 1st January.  He died before 1769.
1768  Age 23 His sister Ann christened 27th June.
1766 Age 27 He married Ann Baddily or Baddeley on 6th July at St John, Burslem.
1769 John and Ann's first son James christened 1st January.
1770 Age 31 Their daughter Sarah christened 30th September
1772  Age 33 Their son John christened 30 May
1774  Age 35Their daughter Ann christened 23rd January
1775 Age 36 Their daughter Martha christened 15th May (she married William Ford 29th September 1795)
1777  Age38 Their son Samuel christened 19th January
1778  Age 39 Their daughter Elizabeth christened 18th October
1780  Age 41 Their son William christened 7th May
1782  Age 43 Their daughter Mary christened 13th October
1785 Age 46 Their son Absalom christened 2nd October  (Absalom died in 1860 in Wolstanton Age 75. Reg: vol66 page 81
1828 John Tellwright died at the ancient family residence, Stanfields, in Sneyd aged 88 'and upwards'; a man of primitive speech and manners, wholly unalloyed by the refinements of modern times. 


Information supplied by: Diana Lloyd