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Thomas William Twyford
Pottery manufacturer, Hanley, 1849-1921

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Thomas William Twyford
Thomas William Twyford

1871 census:

Dwelling: Richmond Ville
Census Place: Shelton, Stafford, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
Thomas Twyford M 44 M Head Staffordshire, Hanley Earthenware Manufacturer
Sarah Twyford M 43 F Wife Staffordshire, Tunstall  
Thomas W. Twyford S 21 M Son Staffordshire, Hanley  
Sarah Ann Twyford S 19 F Daur Worcester   
Albert Twyford S 15 M Son  Staffordshire, Hanley Scholar
Harry Twyford S 8 M Son Staffordshire, Hanley Scholar
Walter Twyford S 6 M Son Staffordshire, Hanley Scholar
George Morgan  S 23 M visitor Caernarvon Civil Engineer 
Alice Robson 15 F serv Wolverhampton General domestic servant


1881 census:

Dwelling: Moor House
Census Place: Biddulph, Stafford, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
Thomas W. TWYFORD  M 31 M Head Hanley, Staffordshire Sanitary Earthenware Maker Employing 113 Males & 15 Females
Susannah TWYFORD M 32 F Wife Ellenhall, Staffordshire Sanitary Earthenware Maker Wife
Harold TWYFORD  U 7 M  Son Shelton, Scholar
Dora TWYFORD  U 10 m Daur Biddulph,   
Robert TWYFORD  U 21 M Brother Hanley, Solicitors Clerk
Mary CROYDON  U 31 F Servant Ireland Cook Do Servant
Elizabeth CHILDES  U 22 F Servant Bucknall,  Nurse Do Servant
Bertha CORBETT  U 25 F Servant Oakengates, Shropshire Housemaid Dom Serv


1891 census:

At the date of the 1891 census the family seemed to be on holiday and staying at a hotel in Southport, Lancashire 

Dwelling: Prince of Wales Hotel, Lord Street
Census Place: North Meols, Southport, Lancashire, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
Thomas W. TWYFORD  M 41 M Visitor Hanley, Staffordshire Potter Earthenware 
Susannah TWYFORD M 42 F Wife Ellenhall, Staffordshire  
Dora TWYFORD S 10 F Daur Staffs, Biddulph  


1901 census:

Dwelling: Whitmore Hall
Census Place: Whitmore, Stafford, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
Thomas W Twyford M 51 M Head Staffs, Hanley Manufacturer of sanitary pottery
Susannah TWYFORD M 52 F Wife Ellenhall, Staffordshire  
Dora TWYFORD S 20 F Daur Staffs, Biddulph  
Charles P Parket S 26 M visitor Lanc. Southport Army cavalry 5th Dragoon Guards Officer
Helen Clarke S 35 F serv London Lady's maid 
Sarah Hughes S 28 F serv Bentleigh, Wolverhampton  Cook
Anne Horn Wid 70 F  serv Staffs. Seatridge Housemaid
Martha Stitchfield S 39 F serv Herts. South ?? Housemaid
Emily S Neads S 20 F serv Somerset, Portshead Scullery maid 
Emily Lomas S 21 F serv London, Westminster Lady's maid
Edith Griffiths S 24 F serv Salop. Oswestry Housemaid
Annie E Machin S 25 F serv Shrewsbury  Kitchen maid
James Hudson S 36 M serv Derby, Osmaston Footman
Alfred Vincent S 19 M serv Wiltshire, ?? Footman


Whitmore Hall
Whitmore Hall

Thomas W Twyford and his family lived successively at Shelton, Endon, Moor House Biddulph and finally at Whitmore Hall, where Thomas became a breeder of Labrador Retrievers and became a member of the North Staffs Hunt.

Whitmore Hall is a Grade I listed building, designated as a house of outstanding architectural and historical interest. 
It is a fine example of a small Carolinian manor house, although parts date back to a much earlier period. The hall has beautifully proportioned light rooms, curving staircase and family portraits with a continuous line from 1624. The family seat for over 900 years of the Cavenagh-Mainwarings, direct descendants of the original Norman owners.

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